Support the kids


I’d like to congratulate the SCHS boys on their valiant effort Saturday at the Regional. The Pep Club made me proud too, for the first time this year. Thank you so much for your positive attitude. I really appreciated it.

I’d also like to thank whomever was responsible for the neat send off the boys got before they left town Friday. You could see the anticipation and the appreciation on their faces. They were so excited, as well they should have been; also for whomever provided the rooms and extras Friday night.

My heart went out to all the team members. They were really devastated. However, I watched with great appreciation of Austin Clark as he went down the line of players and coaches of the Perry Central team. The way he spoke so personally to them was greeted with a greater respect for him as a young man.

All of this being said I wait with great anticipation for the coming season, in the hopes that all the boys left after graduation and the incoming freshmen will work even harder for a repeat trip to the Regionals. Hopefully they will learn as much as they can to be prepared for whatever kind of team they play.

For the rest of the upcoming sports yet to be played this school year and the next; we need coaches as dedicated to their sports as these coaches were. They must be teachers of the sport they coach as well as conditioners. And, as such should be paid appropriately.

Myself, I need to be more supportive of all the sports at the school. As a matter of fact, did you notice how much support went to Saturday’s game? It was awesome to see so many Switzerland County supporters there. Well, all of you there; here is a challenge: We need to support the Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, and Wrestling teams; also the Golf (although that’s a hard one for some of us who have difficulty walking) Track and Field, and Cross Country. Hope I haven’t left any of them out, I think you get the idea. There are other groups as well that need our support – the Bowl teams in the educational part of our school. Please be aware that I know there are working schedules and other family obligations that must be taken into consideration; plus the scheduling of the events are not always conducive to our attendance. But, that doesn’t mean they should be flying on their own. We must not forget the students in Drama, Music, Science and the Art programs. All these students deserve our attention as well. All this being said, I, myself, am going to try to be a true supporter of all the students in the Switzerland County school system.

Karen Nickell