Superintendent clarifies remarks on staff CRP training


In last Thursday night’s television report concerning alleged improprieties in CPR training and certifications here in the county involving Switzerland County EMS and the Jeff-Craig Fire Department, the report said that the Switzerland County School Corporation would no longer be using EMS for CPR training, and instead would be using the Red Cross.

Switzerland County School Superintendent Mike Jones said that the report was not accurate.

“I think were that came up from was, when we talked with EMS, EMS said if any of our teachers want to be re-certified, that they could be re-certified through Red Cross,” Superintendent Jones said. “I don’t know where he got those comments.”

The superintendent said that anytime that the school corporation has had to call EMS, that they have had excellent service, and that a new direction that the school corporation is taking was planned before this story was broadcast.

Superintendent Jones said that what the school corporation is currently doing is getting its School Resource Officer, Roy Leap, certified through the American Heart Association as a CPR instructor, and that going forward CPR certification for teachers and staff – which is required to be renewed every two years – will be handled in-house.

“We’ve made the decision now, with the schools having an SRO, we’re going to have Roy go get certified as an instructor, so we can do our own certifications. We feel that this will be much more efficient for our staff to stay current on their certifications.”

Jones said that he and school attorney Matt Hocker met with EMS Director Randy See after learning about the investigation.

“Randy told us that they were going to be using Red Cross, and that any of our teachers who wanted to be either certified or re-trained, that they would do it. In fact, I think he said at no cost,” Jones said. “Through the Red Cross.”

Jones said that he felt that he wanted clarification on the matter first hand.

“I was hearing everything from everyone else, but I wanted to take to Randy,” Jones said. “He came down to the office and we talked. Right now we’re focused on getting Roy trained, and we’re looking at a grant to purchase the equipment. With 200 employees, and with teachers having to be certified every two years for their license, we’re just going to start doing it in-house. That way we can be taking care of our own needs.”