Storage approved, RV plan tabled for Rising Star Casino


The Rising Sun Plan Commission gave Rising Star Casino a favorable recommendation for a new storage building during its Monday, January 9th meeting.

Attorney Tom Engle presented the casino’s plan for the storage building to store the company’s Christmas decorations. It will be 40′ by 120′ and in the area where the original temporary casino tent was located. The commission needed to make sure the proposal followed the comprehensive plan, the intent of PUD and responsible development of the property. The decorations are currently be housed in a house which the company plans to tear down as part of its Ferry Boat project development

Dan Lee, CEO of Full House Resorts (owner of the casino), said there are $600,000 in decorations to store except for the reindeer which are back home in Minnesota.

The storage building are will be used during renovations of the casino. They are in the process of designing the casino with restaurants on the boat. They hope to have the work done within the next year, added Lee.

Judge John Mitchell and neighbors Catherine and Paul Brewer were in attendance. The Brewers wanted additional shrubbery which will covered in the detailed plan.

Commission members Bud Radcliff, Debbie Thomason, Kevin Smith and Gary Forwood voted in favor of the storage building. Their recommendation will go to city council for final approval.

Lee and others asked the commission to table its detailed PUD for its proposed RV Park which he hopes will still open by Memorial Day. Discussion with the Army Corps of Engineers about the ferry are ongoing.

Lee updated the commission of recent news of a proposal to move some of the casinos alloted 2000 gaming machines to

Terre Haute. “We don’t need 1000,” he said.

He added as the county’s biggest employer and taxpayer, I do not want to be the guy to close shades on the town.”

The plan will not be taking anything from Rising Sun and assures the casino remains open here, according to Lee

Dennis Williams was reelected chairman. Debbie Thomason will be vice chairman. Kevin Smith was named secretary after the commission accepted the resignation of Phil Ruxton who had served more than 20 years.

In other business, Mike Northcutt reported that $1430 was received in permit fees in 2016. An invoice to pay attorney Joseph Johns was approved for $525.

The next meeting will be Monday, February 13th at 7 p.m.