Statewide, uncontested races, judges and issues


Donald Trump (R) and running mate Mike Pence defeated Hillary Clinton (D) and Tim Caine 2,118 to 686 in the presidential race. Switzerland County teacher Denny Jackson was one of seven write in candidates and received a single vote in Ohio County.

Todd Young (R) defeated challenger Evan Bayh (D) 1,948 to 853 for U.S. Senator in Ohio County.

The most unexpected results included the defeat of John Gregg for governor, according to Ohio County Democrat Party Chairman Brian Graham. The Ohio County Elementary Middle School teacher echoed area teachers’ disappointment with the loss by school superintendent Glenda Ritz.

Locally, Eric Holcomb (R) and Suzanne Crouch won governor and lieutenant governor approval 1,805 to 996 over John Gregg (D) and Christina Hale.

In the school superintendent race, Jennifer McCormick (R) had 1713 to Ritz (D) with 1062.

Other statewide winners and their local tally included:

Curtis Hill Jr. (R) defeated Lorenzo Arrenondo (D) 1,999 to 772 for attorney general.

Congress 6th District: Luke Messer (R) 2,011, Barry Welsh (D) 727

House of Rep. 67th district: Randy Frye (R) 2036, Rudy Howard Jr. (D) 792.

Court of Appeals Judges Edward Najam Jr. and Patricia Riley received favorable votes in district one and four.

The question for a Constitutional Amendment to protect the right to hunt passed also.