State reports show increases in casino revenues here


After battling for customers with the opening of the casino complex in Cincinnati in 2012, Belterra Casino and Resort here in Switzerland County reported some good news as a part of its revenue reports to the Indiana Gaming Commission.

State officials said that their could be several factors impacting the rise in revenues for January of this year compared to a year ago; but one factor could have been the weather, as January of 2014 was brutally cold and snowy; while this year was relatively tame.

It is possible that the milder weather resulted in more people traveling to Belterra and other Southeastern Indiana casinos.

For the month of January, Belterra saw revenue rise by almost $2.2 million from a year ago. In January of 2015, revenues reported were $9.7 million, with the number of admissions being up 11,000 more than a year ago.

That translated into admission and wagering tax increases here.

For January, state reports show Belterra with 671,110 in admissions; $2,013,330 in admission tax; $11,883,022 in wagering tax; for a total so far of $13,896,352 in taxes.

Rising Star Casino Resort in Rising Sun saw its revenues for January of 2015 almost the same as its revenues for a year ago - $3.5 million – about $60,000 less. Admissions increased to over 56,500 from about 51,400 the same month a year ago.

Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg reported $14.7 million in revenue for past January. The figure is up slightly – about $37,000 – from the same month in 2014. Hollywood’s revenues were up despite fewer visitors, 127,415 this past month compared to 130,129 last year.

Statewide, only two of Indiana’s casinos saw lower revenues: Rising Star and Majestic Star Casino in Gary. All 13 casinos across the state combined for $174.7 million in revenue in January, a 14.6 percent increase over $152.3 million reported during the same month last year.