Sports physical process changes


With school beginning next week, many Switzerland County sports teams are beginning their practices – and parents are learning of some changes in how sports physicals are given.

Dr. Scott Frede of the Switzerland County Medical Building said that the former practice of holding a “mass screening” of athletes won’t take place this year.

“It isn’t a very good way to do it,” Dr. Frede said of the former sports physical process. “This year, we are encouraging families to call their family physician and have their child go through a ‘Wellness Exam’, which is more complete.”

Dr. Frede said that during a wellness exam doctors will be able to update immunizations as well as do routine screening tests that there isn’t time for during the mass screenings that have happened in the past.

“We did not have the opportunity to do those types of screenings in the old way of doing sports physicals,” Dr. Frede said. “Parents are more involved this way, as well – which is very helpful. We are simply able to be more complete.”

Dr. Frede said that the athletic directors at county schools know about the change in policy, and have informed their athletes of the changes.

Dr. Frede said that parents need to call their family physician and make an appointment for a wellness check.

“If their family physician can’t work them in because of time, they can call me,” Dr. Frede said. “And I’m sure that Dr. Willage and the Nurse Managed Clinic will also be willing to work with parents to get the wellness checks done.”