Speeding drivers


To the Editor:

My name is Laura and I live on Markland Pike. If you do not know, there is a speed limit on this road. It is 45 miles per hour. Most people who travel along this road, as well as most county roads, choose to ignore the posted signs. You also choose to ignore the children at play signs. These signs are put up for a reason – to keep people safe.

I have two children and everyone who lives around me has children. I would love to take my children for a walk or a bike ride but I am scared that something terrible would happen. (One day it almost did).

Also, the school buses are back on the roadways. Children are out waiting for the bus early in the morning when most people are heading to work and crossing busy roads in the afternoon when people are coming home from work. Drivers need to remember this and pay attention to their speed.

I have been to the police several times. Hopefully, something is done very soon to correct this problem. If not, my fear is another needless tragedy will strike our county. If you are tired of speeders on your road, call the sheriff’s station to report reckless drivers as many times as it takes. Try to have a good vehicle description and, if possible, a license plate number.

Laura Craig

Markland Pike