Speed limit down, trash cost up


Rising Sun City Council suspended the rules to pass an increase in cost for trash and recycling pick up beginning in December.

Council voted on Thursday, Sept. 7th to increase the trash cost (collected on utility bills monthly) to $12.20.

Council adopted a speed limit ordinance making city streets and alleys 20 miles per hour.

Also, council approved the second reading of its annual salary ordinance.

Clerk treasurer Rae Gipson said most received two percent raises. Some different amounts were approved for pool workers (who received their first raise since 2008) with a range from $9.50 to $14. Also clerk treasurer deputies will receive from $17.74 to $18.50 while board secretaries will see an increase from $110 to $150 per meeting.

The annual budget was approved. On the surface it appears to be $1 million more, according to Gipson, but it does not include $700,000 Community Crossing Grant and $730,000 in the Revolving Loan Fund. Those two amounts make the budget actually $4000 less.

Gipson noted the figures are estimates and circumstances (with riverboat gaming revenue) could change.

Council approved a reduction ordinance for 2017 appropriations which included: RLF $500,000, Rainy Day $125,000, Redevelopment $195,000, Education Center $71,000, RSMC $17,250, Spud Pole Grant $5000, Local road/Bridge grant match $157,586 and website grant $7,995.

In other business, council approved a request from high school science teacher Andra Levi to take part in the Adopt a river mile program. A sign will be erected showing the school’s sponsorship of mile 506 to 507.

Halloween trick or treat hours will be 6-8 p.m.

Jason Turner has been hired as the newest police officer.

Promoters of a sidecar rally next summer submitted its budget of $9,121.50 which the council will review when allotting community event funding later.