South, Crabtree will face off in November


Switzerland County incumbent Republican County Commissioner Josh South easily won the May Primary on Tuesday, defeating challenger Chris Clerkin for the right to run in the November General Election for the District 1 seat.

South garnered 967 votes in the primary, outdistancing Clerkin, who received 233 votes.

South won all 12 precincts, including huge wins in Cotton II precinct, where he won by a 62-6 margin, or 91.18-percent of those voting. He also received 89.19-percent of the vote in Posey II, winning by a 99-12 margin.

The margin was 108-19 in Pleasant II (85.04-percent); 107-21 in Jefferson I (83.59-percent); 56-11 in Posey I (83.58-percent); 81-17 in Cotton I (82.65-percent); 88-19 in Jefferson III (82.24-percent); and 47-11 in Pleasant I (81.03-percent).

The roll continued in Jefferson II, where South won by a 137-44 margin (75.69-percent); 58-19 in Craig I (75.32-percent); 81-32 in York (71.68-percent); and 43-22 in Craig I (66.15-percent).


In the Democratic Primary for the County Commissioner post in District 1, current County Councilman Steve Crabtree was unopposed, and will face South in November.

On Tuesday, Crabtree finished with 683 votes.