Show your support for local Marine recruits


The Switzerland County community is invited to participate in a show of support for two local men who are in the U.S. Marine Corps.

On Monday, January 8th, at 2 a.m. Switzerland County’s Cameron Papucci and Dakota Fuller will enter the “Crucible”.

The “Crucible” is a test that every Marine Corps recruit must go through to become a Marine. It tests every recruit physically, mentally, and morally and is the defining experience of recruit training. The “Crucible” takes place over 54 hours, and includes food and sleep deprivation and over 45 miles of marching. The “Crucible” pits teams of recruits against a barrage of day and night events, requiring every recruit to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and help each other along the way.

Obstacles include: long marches, combat assault course, the leadership reaction course, and the team building warrior stations.

Each Warrior Station is named for a Marine hero whose actions epitomize the values the U.S. Marine Corps wants recruits to adopt. The “Crucible” is a right of passage that, through shared sacrifice, recruits will never forget.

Papucci and Fuller and their fellow recruits will be in the “Crucible” from early mornign on January 8th until January 10th.

To show support for these Marines, their families are asking the community to light a candle and leave it burning throughout the time; or to turn on a light and leave it on throughout the time. The families are also asking those participating to take a photo of them with their light and post it to the Vevay Newspapers Facebook page, so that the Marines will be able to access the photos and see the support that their community is giving them.