Sheriff’s office investigating burglary


The Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department is looking for information from the community regarding a burglary that it is investigating.
The burglary took place in York Township in the county on Tuesday, December 20th, and investigators with the sheriff’s office feel that there is the possibility that buyers may have unknowingly purchased stolen items from the person or persons who committed the burglary.
Reported stolen in the burglary were:
– Hi-Point .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun.
– H&R 12-gauge single shot shotgun.
- Marlin .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle.
Residents or anyone else who may have purchased one or more of these items, or who may have information about these items or this burglary; should contact the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department at 427-3636; or the Tip Line at 427-4427.
Unwitting buyers are not at risk of prosecution if the items that they purchased are found to have been stolen.
Residents should always be on the lookout for a deal, “too good to pass up”, because that may be an indicator that the item has been stolen.
When a person comes across such a deal, the sheriff’s office advises that the buyer tell the seller that they would like to have the item inspected by the police prior to making the purchase.
Officers say that if the seller declines that request, it’s unwise to go ahead with the purchase.