SFA thanks


To the Editor:

Swiss Friends of Animals (SFA) would like to thank all who helped make our Swiss Wine Festival booth a success: to the Festival committee for permitting us to participate; to the area veterinarians who helped pay for our booth; to the merchants who donated supplies and products; to the volunteers who worked long hours; and to the many members of our community who visited our booth and made it a success.

We are grateful for this opportunity to tell others about our purpose: working for safe, happy and healthy animals by offering educational information and financial assistance to have cats and dogs spayed or neutered and to receive appropriate veterinary care.

Sadly, the festival also brought us many residents who told countless stories of abandoned dogs and cats left by the roadside throughout the county. SFA does not have funds, facilities or staff to serve as an animal shelter. This is a community problem which urgently needs a community supported solution. It is in the interest of every Switzerland County resident, animal lover or not, to help establish a plan to stop the needless and cruel abandonment of unwanted animals.

In the meantime, SFA will do its part by continuing its efforts to reduce unwanted litters of puppies and kittens through our spay/neuter assistance program. Thanks again, and remember: Please don’t litter – fix your critter.

Patricia Hillis

Board member

Swiss Friends of Animals