Sectional title = Bald teacher


Switzerland County High School teacher and longtime time keeper for basketball games Denny Jackson decided that he wanted to help the Lady Pacer basketball team get into the spirit of tournament play.

Since a Switzerland County girls basketball team has not won a Sectional since 2004 – when current coach Ashley Kitts was sophomore playing sensation Ashley Chase – Denny Jackson decided to throw out a challenge:

Win the Sectional, and the team members could shave his head.

So, as the celebration ensued following Switzerland County’s 54-46 title victory over North Decatur on Saturday night; plans were made for Mr. Jackson to pay off his bet.

Right at midcourt, right in front of the scorer’s table that he has occupied for nearly three decades, team members took turns using clippers to methodically remove their teacher from his locks.

The end result?

See for yourself.