Seaplanes and entertainment this weekend


Rising Sun may have passed up the opportunity for railway or a major interstate, but it does have its own Seaplane Base. 

A Seaplane Splash In will be July 18-19. This is not an air show, according to Amy Hoffman of the Rising Sun Main Street director. “This mirrors a car show, except it is for Seaplanes.”  

Mac’s Seaplane Service does give paid rides, they will be limited this weekend, but you can schedule your personal flight for later this summer or fall.

On Saturday, July 18 midmorning to later in the day, depending how far people are flying, the sky and river will be a flurry of activity as these delicate aviation wonders descend upon us. Once these pilots make it safely ashore their seaplanes will be parked along the Fryman Landing on the corner of Front and Plum Streets.

The public is invited to walk among the seaplanes and admire these aviation marvels up close. The Paddy Wagon on Maiden Lane (Rising Sun’s newest addition, an ice cream and concession stand) will be open to purchase food and drink. Since there is no true schedule of events, this is just an easy rural day to aid your weekend escape from your busy weekly routine by enjoying our seaplane base, the river, and simple snacks.

Saturday afternoon Deja Blue will be playing rock and roll classics from 3-6pm at the shelter by the Fryman Landing. The seaplanes will be here overnight. The pilots will be having a private dinner to enjoy the fellowship of other seaplane pilots in the hangar on Front Street.

 The Splash In coordinator is excited to announce there will be music on Sunday morning to wish the seaplanes farewell as they all fly home. The pilots will have breakfast at the American Legion from 8-9am.  The music Sunday morning is going to be an extra special treat with the King singing about the king of Kings; Glen Bowles as Elvis will be singing gospel from 10-11am. 

Mister Chris and the Cruisers will be singing solid gold oldies from 11am-1pm. The pilots will be leaving late morning and early afternoon so this will be the best chance to see seaplanes in flight. If you have any questions call Rising Sun Main Street 812.438.2750. 

Special note to all boaters, the new boat ramp at Fryman’s Landing the end of Maiden Lane will be closed to public; however, the old boat ramp at First Street will remain open all weekend. River traffic is business as usual.