Scott, Jenkins lead RSHS Class of 2016


Mackinzie Scott was named valedictorian and Taylor Jenkins salutatorian at the 2016 Rising Sun High School Awards Program on Friday, May 27th.

The two will lead the 38 member class in graduation ceremonies on Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m. A total amount $443,748 in scholarships was presented (does not including the Lilly winner).

Scott received the Nucor Steel Gallatin Scholarship.

An Army Scholarship of $106,000 was presented to Jack Sullivan who will attend North Carolina University.

A special presentation was made by the Army to Aric Ward for lifesaving actions earlier this year.

Diplomas earned included:

Academic Honors diploma: Carson Blackwell, Riley Bovard, Cora Burkhardt, Courtney Dilts, Cody Farr, Abigail Fletcher, Claudio Gallegos, Katie Jackson, Taylor Jenkins, Meghan Lamkin, Mitchell Morris, Brady Murray, Kelsey Romans, Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack, Sarah Steele, Tiffany Vinup and Brett Weaver.

CORE 40: Kurtis Armstrong, Cody Bruce, Tyler Camden, Alexis Davis, Haylee Demarais, Gary Ellis, Michael Fisher, Emily Kendrick, Joe Louden, Jake McClellan, Kaylee Parks, Nicole Rider, Kyle See, Nick Sporleder, Jack Sullivan, Mason Uhlmansiek, Aron Walker, Sierra Webb, Alexandra Zamudio, Amy Zamudio.

Dual enrollment participants with courses at IVY Tech included Kurtis Armstrong, Carson Blackwell, Riley Bovard, Cora Burkhardt, Abigail Fletcher, Taylor Jenkins, Meghan Lamkin, Kelsey Romans, Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack, Sarah Steele, Tiffany Vinup and Brett Weaver.

Career Center graduates included:

Emergency Services: Logan Bovard.

Computer Networking:Joe Louden.

Electrical Trades- Jacob McClellan, Jack Sullivan.

Digital Media: Kaylee Parks


Phyllis A. Brown Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Steele, Mason Uhlmansiek

Lilly Endowment Scholarship: Kelsey Romans

Ohio County Community Foundation Scholarship: Carson Blackwell, Courtney Dilts, Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack

Denise Ann Beyer Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Fletcher

Gary Green Community Scholarship: Anna Slack

Randy and Debbie Eaglin Scholarship: Carson Blackwell

Learning Tree of Ohio County: Nicole Rider

Lois Mora and Gertrude Shockley Keller Scholarship: Anna Slack

Ohio County Community Foundation Board of directors: Anna Slack

Ohio County Joint Community Scholarship: Anna Slack, Mackinzie Scott

Ohio County 4-H Scholarship: Sarah Steele, Mackinzie Scott

Brinson Williamson Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Rider

Morgan Drescher Scholarship: Claudio Gallegos

Dana Lee Ballard Scholarship: Sarah Steele

Steven W. McHenry Memorial Scholarship: Brett Weaver

Donald Bowman Memorial Scholarship: Mackinzie Scott, Carson Blackwell

Rising Sun Fire Department Emergency service Scholarship: Nicole Rider

Cass-Union Consolidated School Scholarships: Riley Bovard, Courtney Dilts, Brett Weaver, Mason Uhlmansiek, Abigail Fletcher, Katie Jackson, Mitchell Morris, Brady Murray.

Rising Sun High School Alumni Scholarship: Sarah Steele, Tiffany Vinup

American Legion Auxiliary Post #59: Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack

American Legion Scholarship: Courtney Dilts, Riley Bovard

Ohio Valley River Cats Catfish Scholarship: Tiffany Vinup

Paul Scudder Memorial Scholarship: Brett Weaver, Cora Burkhardt.

Rising Star Casino Scholarship: Courtney Dilts

United Community Bank: Claudio Gallegos

Southeastern Indiana Recycling District Scholarship: Brett Weaver, Mackinzie Scott

Dearborn Savings Bank: Mackinzie Scott

Callaway Memorial Scholarship: Cora Burkhardt

Charles and Hazel Johnson Scholarship: Anna Slack, Sarah Steele, Claudio Gallegos, Mackinzie Scott

Tom Cochran Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Steele

SEI Communications: Brady Murray

Tri Kappa Sorority: Claudio Gallegos

Gerald and Patricia Johnson Memorial Scholarship: Katie Jackson

Rising Sun Public School Endowment Scholarship: Carson Blackwell, Cora Burkhardt, Haylee Desmarais, Courtney Dilts, Abigail Fletcher, Sarah Steele, Anna Slack, Brett Weaver, Mackinzie Scott, Nicole Rider.

Rotary Citizenship award: Claudio Gallegos

Rising Sun Rotary Club scholarship: Mackinzie Scott, Claudio Gallegos

Rising Sun Rotary Club “Top 10”: Carson Blackwell, Riley Bovard, Cora Burkhardt, Meghan Lamkin, Abigail Fletcher, Taylor Jenkins, Kelsey Romans, Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack, Sarah Steele

IEO & Vaughn Pursuing dreams Scholarship: Mackinzie Scott

Michael D. Hayes Scholarship: Abigail Fletcher

Wilma Lohide Scholarship: Anna Slack

Wilke S. and James W. Lemon Scholarship: Tiffany Vinup

Ohio County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Brett Weaver

Dearborn County Hospital Foundation High School Senior Scholarship Program: Mackinzie Scott, Anna Slack

Francis and Naomi Dibble Scholarships: Abigail Fletcher, Sarah Steele, Sydney Elliott (college).

Thomas and John Cooper Scholarship: Anna Slack

John E. Bakes Scholarship: Abigail Fletcher, Mackinzie Scott. Whitney Chipman and Sydney Elliott (college).

Edward G. and Grace B. Gray Memorial Scholarship: Anna Slack, Mackinzie Scott

Other awards:

The following students have participated in the 21st Century Scholars Program: Alexis Davis, Meghan Lamkin, Kaylee Parks, Alexandra Zamudio, Amy Zamudio. Because of their continuous participation in this program, they can receive full-tuition scholarships to any eligible college, university, or technical school in Indiana.

The following students have received scholarships from colleges, universities, or community organizations.

Carson Blackwell-Indiana County Bicentennial Scholarship $10,000 and IU Merit Based Scholarship $16,000.

Cora Burkhardt- Ball State academic scholarship $22,000

Haylee Desmarais- Franklin College academic scholarship $12,000

Courtney Dilts- Indiana County Bicentennial Scholarship $10,000 and Provost Scholarship $16,000.

Abigail Fletcher- Carpenter’s Union Scholarship $1000 and Purdue Alumni Scholarship $4000.

Claudio Gallegos- Franklin College various scholarships $23,000.

Taylor Jenkins- P&G Scholarship $2500 and Northern Kentucky University Distinguished Scholarship full cost of tuition and room and board.

Mitchell Morris- Sinclair Community College Regional scholarship $2000 and will play baseball.

Nicole Rider- Northern Kentucky University Scholarship $20,400.

Mackinzie Scott- Indiana Bicentennial Scholarship $10,000, Indiana University Merit based award $16,000 and 4-H accomplishment scholarship $1000.

Anna Slack- $0&8 Nursing Scholarship, Indiana County Bicentennial Scholarship $10,000, Indiana University Merit based scholarship $24,000 and 4H Accomplishment scholarship $1000.

Rising Sun High School Principal Noel Bostic recognized graduates who will be serving their country in the military. Alexis Davis will be entering the Navy while Jack Sullivan has joined the Army and Kyle See the Marines.

Three foreign exchange students were recognized: Melina Evertz (Germany), Yifan Wang (China) and Olivia Guttierrez (Mexico).