SCHS Archery team excels at NASP state competition


The Switzerland County Archery team recently participated in the Indiana NASP competition on Saturday, March 11th,

This was the fourth year for the Switzerland County team to participate in the tournament, which included both the Bullseye competition and the 3-D competition.

In the bullseye competition the team posted a score of 3,220, which placed the Switzerland County team in 22nd place out of 29 high school teams that received an invitation to the state Tournament.

Archers scores:

Dustin Wallace: 281

Hailey Dornbusch: 279

Zach Howlett: 279

Garrett Demaree: 276

Kayla Scranton: 273

Devin Harris: 272

Nathan Scudder: 272

Allen Jones: 263

Raymond Cuneo: 262

Brittany Muench: 257

JW Goldsberry: 257

Collin Bovard: 253

Makayla Richards: 249

Ella Thompson: 249

Cassidy Muench: 247

Laura Humphrey: 246

Skyler Scudder: 246

Makayla Harris: 242

Hunter Hines: 235

Gabriel Galbreath: 223

Madison Brabrant: 218

Nathan Scranton: 209

Jasmine Scudder: 182

Michael Kenworthy: 159

The team score is calculated by taking the top 12 scores – which must include four scores from the opposite gender – adding them to calculate the team score.


The team also had 12 archers participate in the NASP IBO 3D competition.

The competition involved a range of six 3-D animal targets set-up from 10-15 meters. The archers start on a target, shot five arrows at that target, then move on to the next target until they completed all six targets. From there the top six scores (has to have two scores from the opposite gender) are tallied and that becomes the team score.

These kids do not use bow sights when shooting. The team score was 1,548.

Archers scores:

Dustin Wallace: 282

Garrett Demaree: 264

Devin Harris: 259

Kayla Scranton: 254

JW Goldsberry: 252

Zach Howlett: 250

Allen Jones: 246

Brittany Muench: 237

Hunter Hines: 227

Raymond Cuneo: 216

Nathan Scudder: 214

Nathan Scranton: 173.