School gets grant to help with latchkey


The Rising Sun-Ohio County School Corporation has received a $800,000 grant from the 21st Century program from the US Department of Education, announced superintendent Branden Roeder at the Thursday, Feb. 15th school board meeting.

The grant, $200,000 each year for four years, will go towards a free latchkey program which runs from 3 to 5:30 p.m. each day. The program had been charging $5.

The grant allows for bus transportation for latchkey and the curriculum.

Roeder noted the grant will offer a summer camp which will pay for transportation. Plans are to focus on family style events such as trips to the pool, Reds game and events with a goal of improving academic and family relations.

The school board is looking at offering free preschool as well. Rising Sun has offered preschool for a cost and there are children who don’t attend any preschool. There will be a sign up on March 15th.

The benefits of the free program will be seen in a change in the achievement gap which has been widening. It will mean less remedial later on, added Roeder.

The federal grant has made the last two weeks a busy one for Roeder who was in Indianapolis for two days last week and eight meetings overall. Roeder has been reporting and tracking students benefiting from the program

Roeder was not in the office Monday as he stayed home with a sick child. However, he had to drive a school bus in the morning and after school as the flu bug has hit an already small bus driver list.

The flu bug has affected 8 to 10 percent of the school and not as bad as other communities.

In other business, the board approved Tim Phelps as summer youth baseball and softball director. Vickie Young was hit=red as a four hour cook.