School E-learning Day is this Monday


The Switzerland County School Corporation has announced upcoming E-Learning and Snow Days.

The School Corporation is in the second year of utilizing E-Learning in its school calendar. The corporation’s ultimate goal with E-Learning Days are to utilize them in the event of inclement weather. We were approved to do this by the Indiana State Board of Education as a way of meeting the required number of days to complete a school year. E-Learning gives us an opportunity to enable students and staff to utilize the technology we have available, teachers and staff to have professional development, and this year we will begin the process of using our electronic devices for snow make-up days. This year we will use E-Learning for the ‘Possible Make-Up Days” (PMD) that we have added to our calendar.

These days include:

• January 15th

• February 19th

• April 2nd

These days are “Possible Make-Up Days”, so if we do not miss school due to inclement weather, we will not be in school on those days. If we have to use the three days for make-up days, students and staff will stay home and students will complete digital lessons provided by the teacher to count as a school day. Teachers will make themselves available through scheduled “office hours” when they will be available for help or assistance. Students will do their digital assigned work at home or wherever they would choose to work. If students do not have Internet access at home, the school staff will work with them to help them download information and other ways to assist them in doing their required work for the 2017-2018 school year. If we miss more than three days of school we will most likely have to add those days on at the end of the school year in May physically reporting to school.

We hope that we will be in a position by the 2018-2019 school year of using electronic lessons on actual inclement weather days.

E-Learning is a valuable tool that we can use to help our students meet their education needs, as well as learn to work with technology that will continue to be more and more important in their lives. We welcome input from parents/guardians and community members.

– Michael L. Jones, Superintendent