School Board reorganizes, discusses new safety measures


The Rising Sun Ohio County School Board discussed installing perforated glass film on its exterior doors during its meeting on Tuesday, January 10th.

Superintendent Branden Roeder reported funding has been received from a federal SRO grant. The glass will be on the second door at each school. Samples of the design were reviewed.

Roeder led a discussion on adding the signage to windows and the OCEMS

library for an additional $7,000 – which is not part of the grant. The money

would come out of general fund instead of the CPF (Capital Projects Fund) because of upcoming work.

Board President Corey Potts said he would like general fund money to go

toward matching stipends to the staff. The additional signage could be pieced in and it is not a safety concern.


The School Board also went through its annual reorganization meeting: Potts

was re-elected as board president with Gary Kinnett vice-president and Connie Smith as secretary. Kelli Keith was named treasurer with Rita Scudder deputy treasurer.

The first meeting of the years required a board of finance report of investments. Rising Sun turned its over to Ohio County Community Foundation.

Superintendent Branden Roeder noted a claim $30,000 for the HVAC system. He has submitted a grant to move the air conditioner from roof to ground. The board will have to decide whether to move forward with the project as summer nears.

Teachers and staff expressed pleasure that they get in free to events. As part of the claims, sports finances and shown and where the money goes.

Newly elected members Renee Cole and Andrea Kirkpatrick were in attendance. All members signed conflict of interest forms.

The board approved voiding four checks totaling $36.75 which are over two

years old. The mileage reimbursement for 2017 was set at 53.5 cents per mile.

Bonds of $50,000 were approved for positions of high school secretary, lunch money collector, preschool, and the secretary at elementary middle school. The school treasurer bond was set at $500,000 with the assistant treasurer bond at $200,000 and $250,000 for payroll manager.

Regular board meetings with be the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Carrie Bilodeau was hired to fill the newly formed Project Lead The Way Bio Med teaching position. She came highly recommended and is the girlfriend of former Shiner Max Howard, who holds a similar position at South Ripley Schools.

The school is phasing out the Project Lead the Way Engineering program. Roeder called her a great addition and she can teach biology, anatomy, zoology and middle school science.

The board approved the forming of a new archery club at the Ohio County Middle School under the direction of Barb Smith and volunteer Bryan Copeland. Matt Hocker hired as school attorney.

The school computer replacement plan will replace devices for students in grades 4-8. There will be 400 devices purchased for 300 students plus staff and extra on hand. The devices will have an increased RAM from two to four gigs. Each year devices will be replaced with k-3 and 9-12 up next.

The health and safety policy will have Epi-pens available for emergencies. DCH and Dr. Chris Walcott provided them.

The school received a performance award of $9,000, which will be divided evenly among teachers. The Ohio County Community Foundation has awarded a grant for two school board members to attend training on January 26th.

Board members Kinnett and Kirkpatrick will be part of the interview team for a new elementary school principal position.

Roeder reported the school has only two functioning computer labs for use for ISTEP. He has asked the state to do the math portion of the test with paper and pencil.

The board approved $27,600 out of the CPF for replacing computer labs. Darrell Shell’s sealed bid of $503 for the school’s deep fryer was accepted. It has been collecting dust and is in the way of the staff. The fryers had not been used after changes in lunch menus.

In other business, a student ambassador committee at middle school has been formed to assist in designing school apparel. The items will be paid through the rainy day fund. Money from items sold will go back into the fund.