School board officially hires teachers


The Rising Sun Ohio County School Board met on Thursday, Aug. 11th in its first meeting of the school year.

The board officially approved resignations made prior to the start of the school year from Missy Mullen, Darrin Monhollen, Paula Warner, Jo Rayles, Vicki Mills and Alyssa Cook.

New hires approved included Amy Hamrick (5th grade), Michelle Lowe (5th grade), Teresa George (HS Special Ed Teacher), Amber Hannah (custodian), Katherine McMonigle (Art teacher), Carrie Barwick (HS Math) and Sierra Collins (paraprofessional)

Extracurricular activity hires included Mike Seipel as golf coach. Also, Varsity Baseball-Kevin Wirsch; Varsity Softball-Bryce Kendrick; Varsity Track-Jason Barth; Varsity Cheerleading-Ronna Billingsley; Prom Sponsors-Teresa George and Deb Cappel; Freshmen Class Sponsor-Carrie Barwick; HS Academic Team-Andrea Levi; HS Drama Club-Angie Wilson and Tonia Minks

In other business the board approved its Status Quo contracts and updated the NEOLA website policies.

The annual budget will have a Public Hearing on Sept. 15th and Adoption with adoption Sept. 29th at 6:30

Superintendent Branden Roeder presented four different options that teachers will vote on regarding the 2017-2018 school calendar.