School board making last minute hires, approve book fees and offer free dual credit classes


The Rising Sun Ohio County School Board met in special session on Friday, July 17 as they work to fill positions for the upcoming school year.

The board accepted the resignation of Jason McDaniel as middle school physical education teacher. They replaced him with Barb Smith (who currently is a special education teacher and teaches elementary PE).

Dave Selmeyer was approved to fill Smith’s position at the middle school. He had been an aide at the high school. The board will now look to fill his high school special education aide vacancy.

The book fees for the 2015-16 year were approved. Superintendent Branden Roeder noted that the fees had doubled over last year noting the school had absorbed $21,000 in costs for reading and math expenses. Fees still remain lower than two years ago.

The school is in its second year of providing tablet devices for students at a fee of $25. It was estimated that the devices cost $50,000 over a six year period. Increases and change in policy was needed for it to stay sustainable.

Fees vary per class with each grade having different costs such as the book for a regular seventh grade math class costs $15.75 while a seventh grader taking pre-algebra will have a cost of $17.25.

More students will now be able to take dual credit hours as the $110 cost will now be paid through the Ohio County Community Foundation.

Dual credit courses include English/Grammer, advanced English/Grammer, AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus/Triginometry, Physics, and Government.

The next school board meeting will be Friday, July 24 at 9 a.m.