School Board honors students as part of the ‘Celebrating Success’ program


The Switzerland County School Board held its January meeting on Monday night, and again the school board honored students from each of the four buildings as the “Celebrating Success” winners for the month.

Students are nominated by a teacher in the building; and one winner is then selected from those nominations by the building principal. Students and parents are then invited to the school board meeting; where each student is recognized and receives a pin of appreciation from the school board.

This month’s winners include:

– At Switzerland County High School, this month’s winner was senior Ashley Thornton. She was nominated by teacher Debbie Seaver, and the nomination was approved by principal Candis Haskell.

In her letter of nomination, Debbie Seaver wrote:

“Ashley is a very responsible student. She studies hard for a good academic record. She respects and is respected by students and staff.”

– At Jefferson-Craig Elementary School, this month’s honoree was second grader Justin Chatham. He was nominated by teachers Deb Archer and Jacquita Lanman, and the nomination was approved by principal Dr. Elizabeth Jones.

In the letter of nomination, Deb Archer and Jacquita Lanman wrote:

“Justin is an excellent role model for other students in his class. I appreciate his eagerness to learn and participate in all classroom activities. Justin earns good grades and has excellent conduct. His many friends at school reflect his friendly attitude in and out of the classroom.

“As his first and second grade teachers, we feel that his is a fine young man and we have enjoyed working with him.

“Justin is always here and ready to learn, He has a 97.8-percent attendance rate. We anticipate great things for Justin as he moves through the grades.”

– Teacher Mark Boggs nominated seventh grader Marty Galbreath for the “Celebrating Success” award at Switzerland County Middle School; and that nomination was approved by principal Nancy Stearns.

In his letter of nomination, Mark Boggs wrote:

“Marty Galbreath is a seventh grade student at the middle school. Marty has worked very hard this year and has passed the math portion of the ISTEP+ test. Marty has worked towards this goal by coming to school at 7 a.m. and working until 8 a.m. two or three days a week.

“Marty has also accepted help during school and has stayed after school to improve his work in all subjects. Marty has achieved success and has reached a goal. Marty is to be commended for his hard work this past year and his commitment to education.”

– At Switzerland County Elementary School, this month there were three nominees: Dalton Roark, Jade Dickerson, and Melissa Furnish. All are in the third grade at Switzerland County Elementary and were nominated by their teacher, Marlene Jones; and Title I teacher Amy Bovard. The nomination was approved by principal Mike Jones.

In their letter of nomination, Amy Bovard and Marlene Jones wrote:

“We would like to nominate three students for ‘Celebrating Success’. Three of our third grade students received perfect scores on the ISTEP+ test.

“Dalton Roark received a perfect score of 620 on the math test. Jade Dickerson and Melissa Furnish each received a perfect score of 690 on the language arts test. We have never had perfect scores on the language arts ISTEP test.

“All three are very hard working, conscientious, and classroom leaders. The teachers and staff at SCES are extremely proud of these students and their outstanding achievement.”