School Board honors retirees; handles personnel moves


Two longtime members of the Switzerland County School Corporation were honored at Monday night’s school board meeting on the occasion of their retirements.

Marcia Lock retired as the cafeteria secretary at Switzerland County Elementary School after 35 years in the corporation; and Jean Rose retired as a cook at Switzerland County High School after 40 years in the corporation.

Cafeteria director Gayla Bullock had great words for both at Monday’s meeting.

“You couldn’t ask for two nicer ladies to work with,” Gayla Bullock said. “They are so respected by the staff and students. We’re like family.”

“These ladies are miraculous,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Jones said. “They put up with a lot everyday. They’re special to the children, and the children love them.”

Each was presented a plaque of appreciation by school board president Jim Phipps.


There were plenty of personnel moves at Monday night’s meeting of the Switzerland County School Board.

– Switzerland County Middle School Principal Nancy Stearns submitted her resignation as principal, but retained her right to continue in the school corporation as a teacher.

– There were two new teachers hired for Switzerland County Elementary School. Regina Miles and Lee Ann Dunker were hired, and Principal Mike Jones told the board that the positions were open because teacher Dawn Ransdell was going back to Jefferson-Craig to replace the retiring Vonda Downing; and Sharon Earls was going back to Jefferson-Craig to fill a Title I position.

– At Switzerland County Middle School, Brian Grigsby, who has been at the school as an employee of the Special Services Unit; was hired as a learning disabilities teacher by the school corporation at the middle school.

– High school English teacher Janet Hendricks was hired for one year as the “High Ability Coordinator”.

– Dawn Powell was hired as the Technical Software Specialist; Transportation Secretary. She has been serving as the computer teacher and Chinese teacher at Switzerland County Elementary School.

– Rachel Christerson was hired as an instructional assistant at Switzerland County Elementary School replacing Dawn Powell.

– Lee Jaye Lohide moved from a Title I position at Switzerland County Elementary School to the Cafeteria Secretary’s position at SCES. She replaces the retiring Marcia Lock.

– Becky Tressler was hired as the Title I instructional assistant at Switzerland County Elementary School, replacing Lee Jaye Lohide. Tasha Rose was hired as a Title I instructional assistant paid through the federal stimulus money.

– Patricia Stewart was hired as a corporation bus driver for the coming school year.

– Summer School instructors hired Monday night included: Janet Hendricks for English, Tammy Beitzel for band, and Greg Curlin for agriculture at the high school; Becky Bunner and Linda Kurdys for ‘Jump Start’ kindergarten at Jefferson-Craig; and Sally Weales, Becky Curlin, and Nicole Berg for ‘Jump Start’ kindergarten at Switzerland County Elementary School.

– The resignations of Shannon Barger as the varsity baseball coach and Travis Martin as the assistant varsity baseball coach were accepted; as was the resignation of Lesa McGarvey as the junior varsity volleyball coach.

– Steve Clark was hired as the varsity volleyball coach; Amanda McAllister was hired as the middle school volleyball coach; and Kayla Konkle and Jenna South were hired as the middle school cheerleader sponsors.

– Wayne Ellegood was approved for the girls summer basketball program.

– The approval of Amanda Cole, Sydney Pike, and Megan Meadors as the high school cheerleading coaches hit a snag when they were approved by a 3-2 vote. School attorney Ron Hocker noted that it takes at least four votes to approve personnel hirings, so the motion failed.

Jim Phipps, Wayne Daugherty, and Vern Waltz voted in favor of the hirings; while Andy Truitt and Tonya Moore voted no. Board members Bill Roberts and Virgil McKay were not at Monday’s meeting.