School Board honors ‘Celebrating Success’ winners for month of March


The Switzerland County School Board held its March meeting on Monday night, and again the school board honored students from each of the four buildings as the “Celebrating Success” winners for the month.

Students are nominated by a teacher in the building; and one winner is then selected from those nominations by the building principal. Students and parents are then invited to the school board meeting; where each student is recognized and receives a pin of appreciation from the school board.

This month’s winners include:

– At Switzerland County Elementary School, teacher Kathy Keith nominated second grade student Jordan Lay for the award.

In her letter of nomination, which was approved by principal Elizabeth Jones, Kathy Keith wrote:

“I would like to nominate Jordan Lay for ‘Celebrating Success’. Jordan is an outstanding young man. He is very kind and compassionate for a second grader. Jordan always remains calm and focused during class time. Jordan is a straight ‘A’ student and is eager to learn. He has better than a 96-percent attendance rate. He is always ready for class and is a good listener. He sets an excellent example for the other students in my class. I expect Jordan to excel during his future school years and have an outstanding school career.”

– This month’s winner at Jefferson-Craig Elementary School was first grader Ethan Cunningham, who was nominated by Marla Edwards.

Her letter of recommendation, which was approved by principal Darrell Hansel, stated:

“It is my pleasure to nominate Ethan Cunningham for the Celebrating Success award for the month of February. Ethan is a first grade student in Mrs. Lanman’s classroom at Jefferson-Craig Elementary.

“Ethan’s personality is such that he lights up any room as soon as he walks into it. He is very happy-go-lucky and is eager to talk to me. He has been a joy to work with and is willing to try to improve in all the areas in which I have asked. He is also very compassionate for those he truly cares about.

“Ethan has had some concerns in the past but this school year he has overcome many obstacles and he has been doing very well in the classroom in all areas. He has made great gains academically, behaviorally and socially. I, as well as his teacher Mrs. Lanman, am very proud of him and hope that he continues the good work.”

– This month’s honoree for Switzerland County Middle School was Carlotta Hamilton, a seventh grader who was nominated by teacher Becky Meyerhoff.

In her letter of recommendation, which was endorsed by principal Nancy Stearns, Becky Meyerhoff wrote:

“Carlotta is an excellent student and is always willing to help others. She has been a pleasure to have in class. Her smile and sense of humor brightens the room.”

– The winner from Switzerland County High School, nominated by teacher Janet Hendricks, was sophomore Courtney Barnes. This recommendation was approved by principal Candis Haskell.

In her letter of recommendation, Janet Hendricks wrote:

“Courtney Barnes is a creative and talented young lady in one of my afternoon classes. I find her to be self-motivated and capable. In her poem, ‘Liking You Too Much’, Courtney sums up the anticipation and frustration of learning about relationships. If Courtney continues with her writing, I expect her to be recognized again and again.”