School board election results


Wayne Daugherty wins in the Town of Vevay

With six candidates running in the Town of Vevay for the school board seat, predictions were hard to come by, but when all of the votes were counted on Tuesday night, incumbent Wayne Daugherty was elected to another four year term.

The longtime teacher and school board member finished with 1,055 votes; leading second place Kathy Williams, who got 648 votes.

Micah Ramsey finished with 543 votes; Michele Thompson finished with 392 votes; Mary Stogsdill earned 293 votes; and Lisa Scott received 193 votes,

Wayne Daugherty won all 12 voting precincts in the election, winning by his largest margin with 42.22-percent of the vote in Posey I; and also earned 39.50-percent of the vote in Pleasant I.

His smallest margin of victory came in Craig II, where he defeated Kathy Williams by just two votes, 40-38.

Bill Roberts is reelection in Cotton

In Cotton Township, longtime educator and school board member Bill Roberts was reelected to another four year term on Tuesday, outdistancing challengers Colleen Lay and Eddie Haskell.

Overall, Bill Roberts earned 1,524 votes (48.66-percent); while Colleen Lay garnered 1,014 votes (32.38-percent) and Eddie Haskell finished with 592 votes (18.90-percent).

Bill Roberts won all 12 of the county’s voting precincts, winning largest in Pleasant I, where he earned 59.20-percent; and in Posey I, where he earned 56.11-percent.

His closest precinct was Craig I, where he earned 58 votes to Colleen Lay’s 53.

Tammy Hayes to represent Pleasant

There were four seats on the Switzerland County School Board up for election this year, and on Tuesday night, challenger Tammy Hayes unseated incumbent Jim Phipps to win a four-year term representing Pleasant Township on the board.

She finished with 1,601 votes (53.49-percent) to Jim Phipps’s 1,391 votes (46.48-percent).

In terms of individual districts, Tammy Hayes won nine precincts: Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig I, Craig II, Jefferson I, Jefferson III, Pleasant II, Posey II, and York.

Her biggest margin of victory came in Posey II, where she earned 60.64-percent of the vote; while her smallest margin was in Cotton II, where she won by just two votes, 90-88.

Jim Phipps won three precincts: Jefferson II, Pleasant I, and Posey I.

His largest margin of victory came in Pleasant I, where he earned 60.31-percent of the vote.

Tammy Hayes will begin a four-year term on January 1st.

Josh Deck wins seat representing York

In the tightest race of the election, Josh Deck won the Switzerland County School Board seat representing York Township, defeating incumbent Tonya Moore and Gary Reynolds.

Josh Deck finished with 1,291 votes (44-percent) to win over Tonya Moore, who got 1,192 votes (40.63-percent) and Gary Reynolds, who got 451 votes (15.37-percent)

The 99 vote margin kept the race close through the precincts, where Josh Deck won six of the 12 in the county: Cotton I, Craig I, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, and Pleasant II.

Tonya Moore also won six of the 12 precincts: Cotton II, Craig II, Pleasant I, Posey I, Posey II, and York.

Josh Deck’s largest margin of victory came in Jefferson II, where he got 51.57-percent of the vote, and in Jefferson I, where he gathered 51.27-percent of the vote.

Tonya Moore’s largest margin of victory came in Posey I precinct, where she got 52.69-percent of the vote; and in York, where she garnered 44.51-percent of the vote.

The closest margin for the candidates was in Pleasant I, where Tonya Moore won by just two votes: 50-48. In three other precincts: Cotton I, Craig I, and Craig II, the margin was just three votes.

Josh Deck will begin a four year term on the board on January 1st.