School Board considers non-renewal of administrator


The Switzerland County School Board on Monday night voted to potentially non-renew the contract of one of its building principals.

At the end of Monday’s meeting, the board considered the following motion: “It is recommended to authorize a letter be sent for preliminary notice of consideration of non-renewal of an administrative contract.”

There was no discussion on the motion, and when School Board President Katie Collier called for a vote on the motion, it passed by a 4-3 margin. Collier and fellow board members Joe Bennett, Tye Sullivan, and Amy Combs voted for the motion; while board members Josh Deck, Jill Cord, and Greg Bosaw voted against the motion.

The identity of the administrator that the board is considering not renewing was not identified in the meeting.

On Tuesday morning, School Superintendent Mike Jones again declined to identify the administrator, but outlined the process that the board will now undertake.

“The way the law works, what they approved last night was to send the administrator a letter that they are being considered for non-renewal,” the superintendent said. “And then, under the law, that person has the right to request a meeting with the superintendent and/or the board; and then – before March 1st – they have to vote in favor of that if they are going to do a non-renewal.”

Jones said that School Board attorney Matt Hocker contacted the Indiana School Board Association with regard to the release of the person’s name; and the ISBA informed Hocker that the school corporation can or can choose to not identify the person.

Since the administrator would have to be notified that they had been non-renewed prior to March 1st, any final action on the matter would likely take place at the board’s February 19th meeting.