School board approves naming field David and Butch Brown Stadium


It was an emotional night at the final Rising Sun Ohio County Community School Board meeting on Thursday, December 8th.

Former Coach David Brown was presented a plaque for his 30 years as softball coach by superintendent Branden Roeder. In addition, his late father Butch Brown served as a bus driver and custodian for many years. The board approved naming the softball field as David and Butch Brown Stadium. Missy (Brown) Morris made the motion to name the stadium after her father and brother.

Brown called it an extreme honor. “My dad fostered my love for sports and my competitive nature. Also, my wife (Becky) who allowed me to do the things I love most.

Brown told Roeder, “I’m grateful to your grandfather (former superintendent John G. Roeder) for taking a chance on a young guy… This is a tremendous honor.”

Missy Morris and Billy Hayes were given gifts for serving on school board as this was their final meeting.

The school board approved monthly claims including grants from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for flat screen monitors at the high school and elementary school which replace monitors from 1940.

The Ohio County Community Foundation provided grants for art field trips.

Roeder projected the cash balance in December would be $442,000 in General Fund. That is about an eight percent cash balance. He acknowledged that has been possible through support from the city, county and tax referendum.

Board president Corey Potts asked if the board should raise its goal from 10 percent to 15 percent. Roeder said most schools strive for 15 percent but everyone agreed to wait until the 10 percent goal is reached.

A board room full of government students saw the monthly Shiner Showcase which reviewed the various activities throughout the first semester.

The board approved the posting for a new Project Lead the Way position. The school is transitioning from its current engineer to medical bio engineering focus which will prepare students for the medical field.

Lorie Hayes currently is the Project Lead the Way instructor, She will move into a business role. The school currently has three pathways toward diplomas but with business the school would be able to offer four diploma types. The new position would begin in 2017-18.

The board approved a four percent increase for building level administrators excluding Roeder who had his superintendent contract approved.

Also approved was continuing a contract with five star technologies and staff training.

Roeder was given approval to transfer up to 10 percent into the Rainy Day Fund as part of the boards’ five year goal to save 10 percent in the fund.

In miscellaneous business, Potts proposed to better equip teachers with technology through the purchase 16 smart boards in the high school. The company will install and offers training.

Also, four deep fryers no longer can be used because of mandated dietary requirements. They were approved to sold by sealed bid. Once sold, the board approved a purchase of a four burner gas stove with oven to utilize space and a 4-6 foot prep table

The board approved that all teachers and staff at OCEMS and RSHS be admitted into sporting events at no cost. The athletic department will be reimbursed from rainy day fund. Staff members who purchased season passes will be reimbursed.

Potts called it a small gesture work for everyone who work really hard.

He added that, during recent visits to the school, he realized the support staff is overly compassionate to our students. “One of our strongest assets is our staff.”

The first meeting of 2017 will be on Thursday, January 5th.