School approves calendar, teacher contract


The 2016-2017 calendar approved by the Rising Sun Ohio County Community School Board at its Thursday, Sept. 24, meeting.

The first student day to be Monday, Aug. 1. Students would have Labor Day off, Monday, Sept. 5, then have a two-week fall break Monday, Oct. 3, through Friday, Oct. 14. The first week would be used for intercession

Christmas break will be Monday, Dec. 19, through Monday, Jan. 2. Spring break also will be two weeks, Monday, March 13, through Friday, March 24, with the first week used as intercession or make-up days if needed.

Other days off are Thanksgiving break; Martin Luther King Day Monday, Jan. 16; Presidents Day Monday, Feb. 20; and Good Friday April 14 which may used as make up days if needed.

Graduation will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 4, 2017, in the Rising Sun High School gym.

The new contract between Rising Sun Ohio County Community Schools and the Ohio County Classroom Teachers Association was approved.

Superintendent Branden Roeder told the board the union representative had said there were no objections to the proposal, which provides an additional $400 at each teaching level across the board.

The contract also offers a one-time retirement incentive of $24,000. For up to seven retirees, the corporation will deposit $8,000 in each retiree’s Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association account each of three years, 2016 through 2018. The payments aren’t subject to Indiana State Teacher Retirement Fund contributions.

Four teachers have shown an interest.

The contract adds an extracurricular data and curriculum coach position with a $2,000 stipend, though no one currently fills such a position.

The board approved adding $400 to the administrator’s’ salaries for the 2015-2016 school year, and approved a one percent increase for all classified staff.