Samsung was not device brand in fire


A national electronics company has announced that one of its products is not to blame for a fire here in Switzerland County late last year.

On Tuesday morning, December 27th, the Jeff-Craig Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to an apartment complex on Swiss Avenue on the east side of Vevay.

Fire Chief Chris See said that upon arrival, fire crews found a middle apartment full of smoke and a small fire in the corner of the living room. He said that all occupants were outside of the apartment with no apparent injuries. The fire was completely extinguished and all burnt materials were taken out of the residents.

Occupants initially reported that a candle was the possible culprit however after a brief investigation at that time it was determined that a Samsung Tablet electronic device was what may have started the fire. According to investigators on the scene at the time of the fire, the electronic device appeared to have somehow over heated, swelled, and ruptured in an area near the battery compartment.

In an email dated January 19th, a spokesperson for Samsung released the following statement:

“So you are aware, we have investigated this incident and determined that the tablet was not a Samsung device. With that said, customer safety remains our highest priority and we urge any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product to immediately contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG.”