Safety concerns include new stop sign on Fourth Street


Safety concerns were addressed at the Thursday, July 30 meeting of the Rising Sun Board of Works meeting.

School superintendent Branden Roeder asked that one way signs be posted in front of the Ohio County Elementary Middle School. School Resource Officer David Jackson and school staff will aid in new pickup and drop off of students.

Another stop sign is being planned at North Mulberry and Fourth Street near the First Baptist Church. New apartments on Fourth Street have caused a blind spot for people turning onto Fourth Street.

Police Chief David Hewitt said it’s a safety issue not a speed issue.

The Navy Bean Festival street closings were approved for October 7th through October 10th. Main Street will be closed from the Cantina restaurant to Front Street and Front Street from First to Fourth Street. Rides will be mostly on Front Street this year.

A new parade route will start at Rising Star Casino and the route will avoid being on High Street in order for traffic to flow without having to be rerouted. It will go up Walnut Street to Main then from Main to Poplar and Poplar to First Street then back Walnut Street to the Casino.

A Children at Play sign was approved for North Street.

Street closings were approved for the Rising Sun Regatta on August 15th and 16th. Front Street will close from Main to Plum Street.

Street commissioner Paul Bovard reported a need for fencing and posts to close off areas of Front Street during the races.

Main Street will be closed from the legion to Front Street and Front Street from Fourth to Second Street for the Bloomington Symphony this Saturday, August 8th from 4 to 9 p.m.

Chief Hewitt reported a need for the police building to be repaired especially gutters before winter.

Bike safety class was canceled a second time. Plans are to sue grant moneys to do some programs with daycare.

Kelly Dittmer was approved to paint the front of the city building for $6100 with the use of the city’s lift.

Bryce Kendrick reported on grants for securing the docks, city hall Wi-fi and utility truck.

Fireworks will be on Sunday, July 3rd on the riverfront pending approval by council.

Docks in place for public to use.