Safe Highways?


No one seems to be willing to “properly” discuss a “real” problem developing on our county roads, (especially our state highways).

Taxpayers are presently spending $18 million on State Road 129, “diverting” extra traffic onto State Road 56 and connecting Markland Dam directly to the interstate system. All of these wonderful improvements: are the results of good planning by our elected officials. We are all very proud.

One would logically expect traffic to move freely and with good speed through our area to do business. There is one “snag” (and it’s growing)… wagons with slow moving horses in out roadways. Bicycles also have grown. With “double” lines you can mix automobiles and horses and it will eventually spell disaster for someone. Wagon speed will “set the pace” and defeat all the planning and millions spent by taxpayers to move traffic quickly.

Also do these “passenger” wagons carry collision insurance like an auto and what happens when your family is brought into an accident with an “animal” in our roadways? A solution needs to be formed before children die with this “mixed” system of slow and faster modern types of travel. If this issue concerns you or your family help solve this problem.

Abe and Teresa Hall

Mount Sterling