Ryan Curry pens state proclamation for domestic violence awareness month


Vevay’s Ryan Curry hopes one day to work in law enforcement; but even as a young man of 16 years old, he has carried a burden for those who are the victims of domestic violence. It is a passion that he not only promotes locally, but his work to bring attention to domestic violence victims has reached state levels.

He even penned a Proclamation that has been signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence, raising even more awareness.

“It’s to bring awareness to domestic violence,” Curry said of the proclamation. “Nationally, October is always Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but he has signed this specifically for our state.”

Curry said that he wrote all of the information that is contained in the proclamation and submitted it to the statehouse in Indianapolis; and then someone from the Governor’s office turned the information into an official document, and the Governor then officially signed it.

“I’ve known several people who have been the victims of domestic violence, and I’ve written in the paper many times about sexual assault and domestic violence,” Curry said. “I want to be a police officer and specialize in those things; and I’ve always had a passion to help those people with these issues, because they’re very serious and very sensitive issues.”

Curry has also been certified by Community Mental Health as a Rape Crisis Advocate; and works with them as well as spending time with Switzerland County Sheriff Nathan Hughes, shadowing the daily tasks and duties involved in law enforcement.

“I’ve talked with Sheriff Hughes a lot, and I’ve also talked with Chief Richards (Vevay Police Chief James Richards),” Curry said. “We’ve been to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Nathan took me there; and he sent me to camp. I’ve done a lot of things with Sheriff Hughes. I want to be on the NYPD, but I’m just using what I have available here for now to learn all I can. I go through Nathan, we’re really close.”

This is the second proclamation that Ryan has written this year, as he also had a state proclamation concerning Sexual Assault Awareness signed by the Governor in April.

Curry is currently homeschooled, and will be graduating this year – a full two years early.

He is the son of Adam and Amanda Curry of Vevay.


The Proclamation reads:

Whereas, Indiana is committed to preventing domestic violence; and

Whereas, domestic violence endangers children, harms families, and threatens communities; and

Whereas, Indiana works tirelessly to provide effective protections for domestic violence victims, and works with community advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, and health care providers to bring care, prevention, and justice; and

Whereas, new prevention initiatives are implemented throughout Indiana to foster respectful relationships to have a positive impact on the health and public safety of our communities; and

Whereas, statewide non-profit and community-based programs and their volunteers are providing critical assistance and support to victims in need, helping them find a life free from violence; and

Whereas, the state of Indiana is dedicated to educating and increasing public awareness and understanding of domestic violence and teen dating violence;

Now, therefore, I, Michael R. Pence, Governor of the State of Indiana, hereby proclaim October 2016 as

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In the State of Indiana, and invite all citizens to duly note this occasion.