RSHS salutes veterans


Rising Sun High School hosted nearly 100 veterans for a Veterans Day breakfast and program on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

The welcome was given by junior class president Allyson Pruiett. Posting of colors were by drum majors Sarah Steele and Taylor Jenkins. Sophomore Colton McKay led the pledge of allegiance and senior class president Kelsey Romans gave a history of the holiday.

Student council president Anna Slack and vice president Riley Bovard presented gifts to the veterans.

The OCEMS fourth and fifth graders and high school choir performed selections under the direction on Angie Wilson. Jacob Rowe led the high school band while band members Tyler Camden and Claudio Gallegos played taps. Flags of each branch of service were presented by flag corps members Amy Zamudio, Carly Siekman, Nicole Rider, Summer Wilkymacky and Anna Uhlmansiek.

Ronna Billingsley was presented checks from the veterans to help with the cost of the breakfast.

Additional programs were held at the Ohio County Elementary Middle School and a veterans dinner at the American Legion.

Jim Boes U.S. Marines Vietnam Era

Brett Bondurant U.S. Army Afghanistan

Jerry Bondurant U.S. Army 101st Airborne

Albert Chipman U.S. Army and Air Force Korean and Vietnam Eras

Dale Clark U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Dave Cole U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Ted Cox U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Shelby Cummins U.S. Army Berlin and Cuba Missile crisis

Don Curry U.S. Marines Korean Era

Charles Davis U.S. Navy WW II Era

Tim Denning U.S. U.S. Marines 1981-1991

Dill Dorrell U.S. Army Berlin & Cuban Missile Crisis

Chuck Dugle U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Terry Elbright U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Wayne Ellegood U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Gene Elliott U.S. Army Berlin Crisis

Pat Ferrari U.S Army Vietnam Era

Fred Fisk U.S Army Vietnam Era

Larry Foutch U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Dolores Gentile U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Lynn Graves U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Scott Green National Guard Afganisstan

Joe Halloran U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Harold Hayes U.S. Navy Seabees Korean Era

Roger Hilligoss U.S. Navy 1987-1990

John Hobson U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

William Horstman U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Robert Horton U.S. Navy WWII Era

Fred Howlett U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Bernie Huff U.S. Army Vietnam Era

David Hussong U. S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Buck Jones U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Roger Jones U.S. Marines and Army Vietnam and Desert Storm

Ronald Kuhn U.S. Navy Vietnam

Mike LaFollette U.S. Army and National Guard Vietnam Era

Glenn Lyons U.S. Navy 1970-73

Marvin Mangold U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Michael Mathis U.S. Army Restore Hope

Kenneth McAlister U.S. Marines and National Guard Vietnam Era

Terry McAlister U.S. Army 1967-1969

Ervin McKinley U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Fred McPherson U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Brian Moore U.S. Navy 1995-2015

Robert Oaks U.S. Navy Korean Era

Robert Oelker U.S. Army Korean Era

Eugene Ott U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Bill Parks U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Jeremy Parks U.S. Army Iraq Era

Richard Patrick U.S. Air Force 1960-1980

Drew Pennington U.S. Army Desert Storm

Clyde R. Poling U.S. Army Korean Era

Glen Potts U.S. Army Vietnam and Iraq Eras

Michael Roth U.S. Army Afghanistan

Bill Schreiner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Lutz “Bo” Schreiner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Walter E. Shannon U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Marty Sizemore U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Russell W. Slack U.S. Navy Korean Era

Terry Slack U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Wayne Smock U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Dave Snyder U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Kathleen Snyder U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Ron Spurlock U.S. Marines Vietnam Era

Robert Stutzman U.S. Army 1957-1960

Mike Taylor U. S. Army Desert Storm

Frank Turner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Mason J. Uhlmansiek U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Michael Vogelpohl U.S. Navy Vietnam Era

Joe Walston U.S. Army Iraq-current

Selbert Walston U.S. Navy Korean Era

Dale Werner U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Harry Webb U.S. Navy Korean Era

Robert Weber U.S. Army Korean Era

Gerald B. White U.S. Army WW II Era

Leroy Whisman U.S. Army Vietnam Era

Douglas Whitham U.S. Army 1974-76

Dale Williams U.S. Army Vietnam Era, Desert Storm

John Wolfe U.S. Army Vietnam Era