Royalty selected for 2016 Ohio County Fair


The Ohio County 4-H Fair Royalty Contest was held on Friday, June 24th at the Purdue Extension Ohio County office.

The 4-H Fair Princess had four young ladies vie for the opportunity to represent Ohio County 4-H.

Olivia Sams, is a four year member, of the Jazzy Jester’s 4-H Club. Through 4-H, Olivia has learned how to sew, decorate cakes, woodworking skills and the responsibility of caring for her rabbits and goats.

Emma Davis, a member of the Shamrock Shiners 4-H Club has learned the valuable skills of caring for her animals, time management and the importance of service to community through her 5 years in the 4-H program.

Caterina Russell, is in her third year of 4-H where she participates in the O3C 4-H Club. Caterina enjoys the 4-H Cat project where she has learned more about cats and about getting her projects done in a timely manner.

Lura Little, is in her sixth year of 4-H as a part of the 4-H Lumberjacks 4-H Club. Lura has learned responsibility in regards to taking care of her animals as well time management when it comes to getting her projects done.

Running for the court position of Ohio County 4-H Fair Prince is Gavin Gilb and Ethan Snelling. Gavin is a fourth year member of the O3C 4-H Club. Through his 4-H projects, Gavin has learned how to cook, raise animals, find the proper measurements for food quantities and how to show different animals.

Ethan is in his first year of 4-H where he has taken the Photography and Sport Fishing projects. During his first year of 4-H, Ethan has learned that in 4-H everyone works together and that everyone is there for each other.

The Ohio County 4-H Fair King honor was sought by Jacob Schmerr and Zander Gilb, both members of the 03C 4-H Club. Jacob is in his 10th year of 4-H and just celebrated graduation from high school. Through his 10 years in 4-H, Jacob has learned the importance of public speaking and leadership and feels that leadership is the most useful skill he has developed. Zander Gilb is in his seventh year of 4-H and feels that the most important skill he has learned has been responsibility.

The court would not be complete without the Ohio County 4-H Fair Queen.

Meghan Lamkin is a 10 year member of the Shamrock Shiners 4-H Club. Through her years in 4-H, Meghan has learned to be organized, creative, a leader and a learner as well believing in herself and to always try her best.

Ashley Yauch, has been in 4-H for nine years and is a member of the Jazzy Jester’s 4-H Club. Ashley has learned many life skills through her time in 4-H but believes that the most important ones she has developed has been responsibility and patience.

Winners included Princess Emma Davis, Prince Ethan Snelling, King Jacob Schmerr and Queen Ashley Yauch as they will be representing Ohio County 4-H for the 2016 4-H Fair.