Roy Leap is next County Sheriff


Democrat Roy Leap, the current Chief Deputy of the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department, will move up to the Sheriff’s office in January after a convincing win in Tuesday’s election.

Roy Leap defeated Republican challenger Francis “Swede” Colen – the former sheriff of Ohio County – by a margin of 1,707 to 1,386, 55-percent to 45-percent, to earn a four-year term.

“I feel relieved that it’s all over,” the new sheriff said after the vote was announced. “We worked hard and everybody got out and supported me and worked to make this happen. I really appreciate everything that people have done.”

So happens between election day and January 1st, when he assumes the office from two-term sheriff Nathan Hughes?

“Everyone needs to keep in mind that Nathan is still the sheriff until January 1st, and I will honor that,” Roy Leap said. “There will be a little transition period, so when we hit January 1st we’ll be off and running with a new administration and I expect everything to go very smoothly.”

Roy Leap said that he knows that there will be changes with any new administration, pointing out things such as continuing to work on getting more information out to the public so everyone knows what the sheriff’s office is actually doing.

“That was one of my goals, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said. “Along with other priorities like dealing with the drug problem and continuing to work on these thefts.”

Roy Leap said that he is proud of the support that he received that crossed party lines, and pledged that he will continue to serve all of the residents of the county.

On Tuesday, Roy Leap won Cotton I by a count of 171-158; Cotton II by a close margin of 88-87; Craig I by an 80-56 count; Craig II by a 90-74 margin; Jefferson I by a margin of 223-116; Jefferson II by a count of 313-172; and Jefferson III by a count of 146-104.

He also won Pleasant II by a count of 168-127; and Posey I by a vote of 121-108.

“Swede” Colen won Pleasant I by a margin of 65-48; Posey II by a count of 156-114; and York by a vote of 163-145.