Rotary to host candidate forum October 20


The Rising Sun Rotary Club will be hosting a candidates’ forum for the general election on Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ohio County Historical Society Museum.

The forum allows candidates seeking public office to express their views openly so that community members can understand their positions and make informed voting choices. This will be a moderated opportunity for local candidates to introduce themselves and answer a few questions presented by the audience. It will not be a debate. 

General Forum Rules: 

Order of appearance within each group of candidates will be chosen at random and will be reversed for closing comments. 

Opening statements of 2 minutes will allow the candidates to introduce themselves. 

Written questions on issues will be submitted by City residents on a form which will be provided to the public prior to event and screened for duplication and clarity. The moderator will read the questions. 

No interaction among candidates, audience members or other program participants is allowed. Answers to questions will be limited to 1 minute and each candidate will be given the chance to answer. 

Each candidate will be given 2 minutes for closing statements to wrap-up and cover any issues not yet discussed. 

A timer will be used to indicate end of time allotments. A bell will indicate that the candidate’s time has elapsed.

No candidate or candidate supporters will be allowed to hand out materials, advertise, or otherwise solicit inside the facility on the day of the event in any capacity. 

The candidate’s forum is meant to inform the citizens of our community and create an opportunity for community building. If all candidates adhere to the rules everyone will benefit through increased visibility and general interest in the community.