Robert Buchanan sentenced to 20 years for bank robbery


Robert Buchanan of near East Enterprise was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Monday for the armed robbery of the MainSource Bank in East Enterprise in January of 2007.

Robert Buchanan appeared in Switzerland County Superior Court on Monday in front of Judge John Mitchell, who found Robert Buchanan guilty during a trial on March 8th of this year.

Prosecutor Monica Hensley had asked Judge Mitchell to sentence Robert Buchanan to 40 years in prison for the crime, which involved not only robbing the bank branch at gunpoint, but also calling in bomb threats to schools in Switzerland County and Ohio County in order to distract police.

According to Monica Hensley, Judge Mitchell sentenced Robert Buchanan to the maximum of 20 years in prison on each of four Class B felony counts: one count of robbery and three counts of criminal confinement. He also sentenced him to eight years on each of three Class C felonies: three counts of intimidation; and to three years incarceration on each of three Class D felonies: two counts of false reporting, which deals with the bomb threats, and one count of theft.

Robert Buchanan still may face additional charges in Ohio County, but that is unknown after Monday’s sentencing.

In giving Robert Buchanan the maximum sentence on all 10 counts, Judge Mitchell then ordered that the sentences be served concurrently – meaning that all are being served at the same time.

Had Judge Mitchell ordered that the sentences be served consecutively, then once Robert Buchanan had finished serving one sentence, he would have begun serving the next one.

That means that Robert Buchanan will serve 20 years in prison, but on Monday Judge Mitchell also gave him credit for “good time” that he has already served while being held in the Switzerland County jail.

Since his arrest he has served 485 actual days in the Switzerland County jail, so when “good time” credit of two days for every one day served is applied, he will get credit for 970 days off of his 20-year sentence.

If he continues to accumulate “good time” credit, he would end up serving 10 years in jail – and already has more than 1 1/2-years of that finished.

“The judge could have sentenced him to anywhere from six to 50 years,” Monica Hensley said. “We asked for a sentence of 40 years, which we felt was appropriate based n the facts of the crime that he committed and the magnitude of it.”

The possibility of parole also exists for Robert Buchanan, but Monica Hensley said that parole is a matter that will be handled through the Indiana Department of Corrections, which makes all judgments, including “good time” days served, once Robert Buchanan enters the state prison system.

It is unknown at this time where he will serve his sentence. He continues to be held at the Switzerland County jail.