Riverbotics teams excel at State, STEM team is overall State Champion


 The Riverbotics “A” and “B” teams from Jefferson-Craig Elementary School competed in the Indiana State Vex IQ robotics competition on Saturday, March 9th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis —and continued their claim as one of the top teams in the nation, if not the world.

  There were 201 elementary teams competing at the State Competition.

  Jeff-Craig’s “B” team used the competition as a learning experience, with every team member getting to drive on the big stage.

  “They finished in the middle of their division, learning many new concepts that will help them in next year’s competitions,” Coach Brian Grigsby said. “They got 19 points on their autonomous score, which was actually one of the higher autonomous scores for the day.”

  The Jeff-Craig “A” team preformed very well the entire day. The team finished third in its division, after a nail-biting final run.

  “They were actually on task to get one of the highest scores of the day, 32 points, when their robot fell apart,” Grigsby said. “With 20 seconds left the students put their robot back together and finished the match with a score of 30 points. They qualified for the overall State Finals as a wild card, tying for fourth place overall in the State — again missing becoming champions by one hub.”

  The “A” team’s performance qualified them for the Vex IQ Worlds for the second year in a row.

  The biggest accomplishment on the day for the team winning the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) award.

  Grigsby said that there are over 1,200 elementary robotics teams in Indiana, and the Jeff-Craig team put together a STEM project that beat all the others.

  “We will also be sending in our STEM video to Vex IQ Worlds to compete with the other winning STEM projects from around the world,” Grigsby said.

  Members of the STEM team included: Mallory Bear, Livia Crepin, Paige Earls, and Brooklynn Osborn. 

  The Jeff-Craig team will be competing in the Vex IQ Worlds competition being held April 28th-30th in Louisville, Kentucky. This event will be live streamed for those who are unable to attend the event live.

  Riverbotics team members include: Mallory Bear, Cale Collier, Graham Crepin, Livia Crepin, Marilynn Dalrymple, Paige Earls, Grant Hall, Derek Hoskins, Eddie McAlister, Brooklynn Osborn, Baylee Romans, Peyton Thayer, and Cooper Todd. Along with Grigsby, Connie Ingels also serves as a team coach.