Rising Sun Weekly 9-29-16



September 29th, 1966

From the column scribbling by Dorotha Stegemiller:

Have you something you’ve been wanting to dispose of but haven’t known exactly what to do with it? The Historical Society will help solve the problem! Just bring your “unwantables” to the community auction being planned for Saturday, October 15. What’s a community auction? You might say it’s a big market place where anyone in the community can bring items to be sold on a percentage basis. This eliminates much, both for the advertising and service charges. Proceeds will be used by the individual, as well as any ad sponsors for Historical projects – the fore most of which is the establishment of an Ohio County Museum. So, if you wish to give your items outright, the society will appreciate all donations. Recently the things which seem to bring highest prices at sales are round oak dining room tables, wash stands, quilts clocks, and dishes. Perhaps you may have some in the attic or garage you would like to sell. And, of course, antiques of every kind are always in demand.

The auction will be held at Paul Fletcher’s shop, 330 First Street. Ray Walton, our areas noted auctioneer, will be calling for bids at 10 a.m. Lunch will be available. The committee in charge is Walter Skidmore, Mrs. Roy Hatton, and Mrs. Jessie Lewis. They will gladly furnish any further information needed and also make arrangements to pick up articles from anyone who requires this service. As everyone knows, there is no better place than a public sale to discard non-essential possessions. On the other hand, it may be the place to find that certain something you’ve been looking for everywhere. Thus, you’re problems can be easily solved at the community auction October 15.


Cub Scouts of Pack 5 held the first pack meeting this fall Monday, September 24 in the Methodist Church. Cubmaster is Ralph Race.

Rising Sun Schools menu for Thursday, October 6, includes: Farmer Brown Special, tossed salad, bread & butter, fruit, and milk.


September 28th, 1961

Sonny Detmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Detmer of Lawrenceburg, has accepted a four-year athletic scholarship with the University of Texas. Sonny, formerly attended Rising Sun Schools, and is a grandson of Emil Detmer of Stewart Ridge.


September 27th, 1956

Earl Courtney of Aberdeen has purchased Frank Weaver’s general store at Quercus Grove.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Turner of the Aurora Road, a daughter Marilyn Sue, September 23rd; to Mr. and Mrs. Leland Brett of Main Street, a son, Stephen David, September 19th.


September 26th, 1946

The State Highway Commission has completed the erection of a temporary bridge over Laughery Creek on State Road 56, eliminating the present 25-mile detour.

Paul Fletcher and Ed Billingsley went to Hanover this week to enter Hanover College.


September 25th, 1936

The Rising Sun High School Band played at the Fairview Fair Saturday afternoon.


September 27th, 1926

Twenty-four speedboats have been entered in the races to be held at Laughery Club Saturday and Sunday.

Due to ill health, W. A. Fisher has permanently retired from the shoe repairing business and sold his building on Walnut Street to Jesse Hewitt, who will operate a soft drink establishment.


September 28th, 1916

Safe blowers, early Monday morning, dynamited the post office safe. A quantity of dynamite was found on Postmaster Steele’s desk. The report of the explosion was muffled by blankets and lap-robes stolen from G. B. Gibson’s Sons Hardware Store. The same night, a car belonging to Fred Uhlmansiek was taken from Ed Detmer’s garage. It was found six hours later by Sheriff Jarvis in front of the Center Street Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg.


September 28th, 1906

Dilver Stewart and John Brown have opened a blacksmith and furniture shop at Florence.

The Patriot Public Schools opened last week with four teachers.