Rising Sun Weekly 9-21-17



September 21st, 1967

Under the supervision of Glen Conover, “Operation Mainstream” Director, Paul Tremain has made contact with the Department of Natural Resources in Indianapolis and received the go ahead on the Dam site No. 38 Park Area. Three men are working on this project. This is community contributions which is classified as in-kind. So much of this in-kind must be contributed on each project. Orien Billingsley, John Stivers, Conservation Officer, and Roy Elliott are contributing to the project here. “Operation Mainstream” under the Nelson Amendment, feels indebted to people who use their time and interest for their community.

Funeral services for Dr. Isaac H. Pate, 89, were conducted from the Detmer & Detmer Funeral Home September 20th, with burial in Rising Sun New Cemetery. Dr. Pate died Sunday, September 17th. He was a veterinarian for 67 years and remained active until his death. He was former Mayor of Rising Sun, 1955-59. He was also an ordained Methodist minister and was active in many civic organizations. He was a 50-year Mason and was to have received his 50-year pin next month. He was a member of the Patriot Lodge. His grandfather, Captain Joseph Pate commanded a company of Virginia volunteers in the Revolutionary War under George Washington.

The Selective Service Office reports this week that the induction call for October 3rd from Ohio County will be two.

Scribblings of Dorotha Stegemiller: I have reached one of those times when it is necessary to drag out the “soap box” and do a little “sounding off”. My reason for so doing is the seemingly lack of interest shown by most local residents for the welfare of our community. This probably contributes more than anything to the fact that Rising Sun is merely a “bump on the bank of the Ohio River”. We have organizations and clubs that try to sponsor projects which will benefit the town. However, in each group there are just a few members who will help to take any responsibility. Naturally, it’s impossible for everyone to always agree on a matter but why is it the most criticism always comes from those who are unwillingly to assist? I greatly approve of the scholarship funds which organizations and individuals have set up for our young people. An education is extremely important for future generations. Yet when these scholars have graduated how many will return to this community to live? Just what is there for them to do here? The Chamber of Commerce has tried to bring new businesses to town. Efforts so far have not been very successful primarily because of noncooperation on the part of some residents who could help promote such movements. The employment is undoubtedly the major problem facing the area. Nevertheless, there is a need for numerous other improvements, such as public accommodations for eating, sleeping, and recreational purposes. I guess what actually brought about this “soap-box discourse” was a king-hearted gesture made last week by two visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Akins of Denver, Colorado. Although, Mr. Akins has not lived here for 40 years, he is very interested in seeing a historical museum established in Ohio County. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Akins presented a check for $200 to the Historical Society to be used toward the proposed museum and as a memorial to his parents, Captain and Mrs. Robert Akins. It seems former residents, as well as new families who move here show worthwhile feelings for the town. Shouldn’t then life-long citizens be equally as responsive by working together to make Rising Sun the thriving little city it should and very well could be?

At Uncle Herb’s Discount Store (231 Main Street): gallon of anti-freeze, $1.10; Vick’s Formula 44 cough syrup, 58 cents; Hair rollers, brush, magnetic, or foam, 49 cents; nylons, 38 cents a pair.


September 20th, 1917

Rising Sun gave a rousing farewell this morning to the 14 Ohio County soldiers who left for Camp Taylor. The 14 included: Mills Hemphill, Clyde Bright, Lawrence Baker, Will Hess, James Bailey, Charles Scalf, Harry Rieman, Walter Kittle, Ernest Bodey, Edgar Pendry, Rolla Weaver, Carl Searcy, Fred Scholle, and George Chase.

Miss Grace Daly, Red Cross Nurse and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Daly, is soon to leave New York for duty somewhere in France.