Rising Sun Weekly 8-31-17



August 31st, 1967

Chit Chat – Certainly been a lot of hammering and sawing going on along Main Street recently. Dr. Mauricio has enlarged and remodeled his office. Tracy’s Bargain Store has been undergoing many repairs, and Francis Copeland tore out the second floor apartment partitions above the Hardware Store to make more space for his merchandise. Improvements of any kind always add to the appearance of a town. There’s one thing, however, we believe would help the looks of our fair city and that’s the removal of a few unsightly vehicles which are left sitting on some streets. Did you hear the Delta Queen’s calliope as it went cruising by one Friday evening? A really pretty sound of good old summertime. But signs are beginning to point out that summer is about to end. One sign of fall, the purple martins have departed for their winter home. Another sign of a new season – parents, rather frantically, buying books and clothes for the school go’ers. Have heard nothing but favorable comments about the tour and garden party at Tomary Farm given by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Johnson for the benefit of the Historical Society. If you weren’t one of the 400 persons attending, you missed a delightful time. Don’t forget the Ohio County Rescue Service will have its 12th annual Chicken Barbecue Saturday, September 9th.

The Rising Sun Rescue Unit will hold its annual Chicken Barbecue on September 9th. The Junior Woman’s Club of Rising Sun will again, in cooperation with the Rescue Unit, sponsor a Barbecue Queen. Candidates are chosen from the high school with one girl representing each class. The names of the candidates are: Deborah Gary, senior; Patricia Hautman, junior; Cynthia Purcell, sophomore; and Debra Jackson, freshman. The Junior Woman’s Club will distribute jars to four local stores for voting. A penny in any one jar is a vote for the young lady whose name and picture are on the jar.

An attractive new limit signs, made of redwood with yellow lettering, have been erected by the Chamber of Commerce at the entrance of Rising Sun on Indiana 56. A third sign may be placed later at the west entrance to town on State Road 262.

Births: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Land born August 22nd at Dearborn County Hospital; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Billy Stephens born August 22nd at DCH.


August 30th, 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ashcraft have purchased the residence on Fourth Street owned by Roy Carpenter.


August 28th, 1957

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Housemeyer, a son, Ivan Dale, August 26th; to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kinnett, a son, Gary Stephen, August 25th; to Mr. and Mrs. John Pavey, a daughter Sue Ann, August 23rd.


August 24th, 1947

Noah O’Banion Post, American Legion, purchased the former Jungle’s Café building on lower Main Street, which will be converted into the Post home as quickly as possible.


August 30th, 1917

The City schools will open September 10th. Miss Agnes Neal will teach second grade, replacing Miss Lucille Ford who resigned.

Wes Shehane and son-in-law Harry Bruner are improving the appearance of New Hope School house with a new coat of paint.


August 31st. 1907

Hodapp Brothers of near Carmel Ridge have purchase a new gasoline engine and mill.

Henry C. Lemmon has been presented with the roster of the officers and members of Company C of the Fighting Seventh of Indiana Regiment. This old roster, which is called, “The Rising Sun Rounders”, belonged to the late Dr. William Gillespie, surgeon of the regiment.


August 27th, 1897

William C. Robinson has sold his stock of merchandise at Patriot to Henry Schroeder, the new postmaster there.

Last Friday, about 50 people who belong to the Ohio County Fishing Club, picnicked on Laughery Island.

Work has commenced on the Temperance Hall at Aberdeen. It will be 36×22 feet in size. The Festival at New Hope for its benefit was a success.