Rising Sun Weekly 7-27-17



July 27th, 1967

Monday, July 24th, the Board of Zoning Appeals granted the variance to the United Telephone Company of Indiana for the reconstruction of its building at 308 Main Street, Rising Sun. Harry Purcell appeared on behalf of United Telephone Company and explained the exceptional circumstances upon which he based a petition for a variance. The telephone company will begin construction immediately on the $77,000 structure. The new building will house a business office and equipment to service Ohio County’s new dial system.

The public is invited to view the many different 4-H exhibits of the more 100 Ohio County 4-H members. The 4-H’ers invite you to visit the elementary school August 4th and 5th to view their exhibits.

On July 30th, the ground breaking for the proposed United Methodist Church at Aberdeen, Ohio County, will take place at 3 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Steve McHenry pitched a perfect game Tuesday night wining a pennant for the Sox in the Little League. He had 12 strike outs with no hits, no runs and no walks.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koons are the parents of 7 pound 10 ounces daughter born July 9th and she has been named Shelli Ann; to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Titkemeyer, a daughter July 1st; born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Woodruff, a son July 14th; to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Poe, a daughter born July 16th; to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bevis, a son July 16th.

In the Service: Army Private Ronald G. Walcott, 20, completed a wheeled vehicle mechanic course July 14th at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. During the course he was trained to repair internal combustion engines. Private Rick E. Clements, 24, completed a nine-week communications center specialist course at the Army Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Georgia July 14th. Technician Seaman James W. Taylor has reported for duty aboard the US Naval Communications at San Miguel, Republic of the Philippines. Army Private Stephen L. Neaman, 22, completed advance armor training at Fort Knox, Kentucky July 7th. He was trained to drive and maintain the Army’s M-60 tank and fire its 105 millimeter gun.

Now showing at the Palace Theatre in Aurora – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

At the Alps Auto Theatre in Vevay are the movies, “Shaggy Dog” and “Absent Minded Professor”.

Rummage & Bake Sale on Saturday, August 5th at Rising Sun City building sponsored by Cass-Union and Pike PTA.

At the Rising Sun State Bank, the interest on savings accounts is 3 1/2-percent and interest on certificates of deposit is 4-percent.

Kentucky State Highway Department officials in Kentucky have joined Indiana and Federal Representatives resuming the optioning and purchase of property for I-275 that will be needed in their entirety.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: Evidently “Good Old Summertime” took a vacation this month, and we had some days of unseasonably cool weather. Temperatures dipping down into the 50’s really brought out the sweaters and extra blankets. But despite the nippy air, gardens are flourishing. And Wayne Ashcraft, age 5, found he doesn’t have “bad fairies” in his garden after all. The pixie who pulled the blossoms off his pumpkin vines and painted the marigolds blue was just his two-year old sister, Kristi Ann.

Two more town landmarks have disappeared from the scene. The old brick dwelling on the corner of First and South Poplar Streets, usually referred to as the Cochran House, has been razed. On the opposite corner, one of the old Whitlock warehouses is also being torn down. The warehouse, believed built many years ago by William Henry Whitlock, was first used as a store house for skiffs which Whitlock’s manufactured. It was later used as a lumber shed. Understand that was a special king of “tissue paper” used by members of the Monday Nite Home Ec. Club to decorate the skirt of their prize winning Blue Jeans Float – it comes by the roll, and tearing the estimated 16,000 pieces was a lot of work.

What’s happened to the calliope on the Delta Queen? The familiar whistle is heard as the famous old boat makes its weekly cruises but those merry melodies are greatly missed.


July 26th, 1917

The local Red Cross has arranged sewing rooms in the Domestic Science Building of the public schools. The first work taken up was the making of hospital shirts.

R. A. Steele, well-known undertaker, has purchased a new auto hearse. The car is of stone gray painting throughout with harmonizing accessories. It was especially designed under the direction of Mr. Steele by Dodge Brothers of Detroit.

August F. Cutter, owner of a general store at Downey’s Corner is enjoying a good trade this season. Farmers come from a distance of 10miles to buy from “the little store with the big stock of goods”.