Rising Sun Weekly 6-30-16



July 7th, 1966

The Knights of Pythias of Indiana installed James L. Harris of Patriot as Grand Chancellor on Friday night at Patriot. Past Supreme Representative Guy S. Harris, father of the new Grand Chancellor had the honor of installing his son in office. This marked the first time in the history of the order in Indiana that the son of a Past Grand Chancellor has been elected to the same office.

William R. Pfister, Lawrenceburg Attorney, has been appointed Ohio County attorney by the county commissioners. He succeeds the late Lee J. Ricketts, who died June 25th.

Michael Liggett left Greater Cincinnati Airport June 25th for Norfolk, Virginia. He will serve two weeks in the Naval Reserve prior to entering active duty in August for two years.

An elephant, the Republican Party symbol, made by a Rising Sun couple is in great demand these days. Dick Hastings, chairman of the Ninth District Young Republicans and Donald Works, Ohio County Republican chairman, borrowed the elephant for the party’s convention at Indianapolis. The pachyderm was constructed by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mondary, North Poplar Street. It is made of paper mache on a wooden frame. It is seven feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. Its eyes light from a clearance light operated by a 12-volt battery underneath its platform. The elephant was also an attraction at the recent Republican $100 a plate dinner at the Indianapolis Coliseum and received plaudits from former Vice President Richard Nixon. The Mondarys conceived the GOP idea two years ago and built it for the Ohio County Young Republicans to use in the parade when Rising Sun celebrated its Sesquicentennial in 1964.


The birthday of our nation,

And a time to celebrate,

Without this day I wonder

What might have been our fate

Let’s don’t abuse our freedom

But use it everyday

By doing what we feel is right

There’s no time for delay

Long ago men gave their lives

For Independence Day

Many since have fought and died

That freedom might hold sway

Thank God for men who fought

To give us liberty

Let’s ever stand united

And keep our country free.

Written by Lauretta Borgman