Rising Sun Weekly 5-19-16


Compiled by

Mavis Uhlmansiek

Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun


May 26th, 1966

Memorial Day will be observed May 30th with the usual ceremonies. Quite appropriate also would be a “happy birthday” wish to our fair city. It was on this date in 1814 that John James laid out the town and filed claim as the proprietor. This was almost 15 years after the arrival of the Fultons, the first known white settlers in the community. The Fultons, of course, were credited with the naming of Rising Sun. And the story, always a favorite, was never told any better than when the late Circuit Judge William D. Ricketts wrote the following about the Founding of Rising Sun: “A flatboat drifted slowly with the current down the placid waters of the Ohio. On the rear of the boat was built a small one room cabin, with a roof extended out over the side, under which stood a horse. On the deck of the boat stood an immigrant wagon and a quantity of household furniture, to keep of the dew and fog. Inside the cabin a woman prepared the evening meal for her husband and son, and as they ate, the boat guided by the unseen hand of a Supreme Being, drifted closer to shore, bumped and then grounded. John Fulton and his son, Samuel, made the craft fast to the trees on the bank and there in 1798 within a few yards of where the boat landing now is they passed the night. As the day began breaking after a night of rest, a vivid red glow showed above the Kentucky hills. The three, struck by the wondrous beauty of the scene, stood in awe, while the sun in all its gorgeous glory peeped at them through the trees. Its scintillating rays came glittering over the smooth surface of the water, causing warmth in body and soul. “Look”, cried Fulton ‘the rising sun!”

Members of the Ohio County Neighborhood Youth Corps Committee have been informed that the Indiana Farmers Union “out of school’s program has been extended to July 31st, 1966. Participants in the winter, “out of school” program will be ineligible for the summer program. Members of the graduating class of 1966 will be considered out of school enrollees.

The Rising Sun-Ohio County Community Schools will offer Remedial Reading Classes at both Cass Union and Rising Sun during the summer months.

Airman Third Class Terry L. Elbright has been graduated at Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas, from the training course for U. S. Air Force material specialists.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fleek on May 15th and weighing 6 pounds.


May 25th, 1961

Graduation exercises for 53 seniors of Rising Sun High School will be held Thursday night at 8 p.m. in the school gymnasium.


May 24th, 1956

Bob Terry, the Cincinnati Post’s “Covering the Terrytory” columnist salutes a Rising Sun singing trio, three high school girls: Eunice Ann Cunningham, Linda Erwin, and Deanna Whitlock.

Dr. Jack Hanna of Wakarusa, a former Rising Sun boy, was among the owners and pilots of the more than 55 airplanes which arrived at the Rising Sun airport Sunday during the “fly-in breakfast” sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol.


May 25th, 1916

J. W. Whitlock has purchased an auto truck of three and one-half ton capacity and will use it in hauling logs to his saw mill.

Harry B. Clark has purchased a new 1916 model moving picture machine. It operates by electric power and is the newest machine of its kind on the market.