Rising Sun Weekly 1-26-17



January 26th, 1966

Workmen at the Hilltop Concrete Company on Indiana 156 between Rising Sun and Patriot found a pair of giant tusks. They called the museum of Natural History in Cincinnati on their discovery. Charles Oehler, paleontologist from the museum stated, “He saw what looks like two complete tusks.” He believes are from the giant mammoth, a large, elephant-like, but hairy, animal that used to roam this part of the world until 7,000 to 15,000 years ago. The tusks appear to be about 11 feet long – close to a record for this sort of find.

Mrs. Eldorado Hanna has resigned as welfare director of Ohio County after holding that office for 25 years. The board named Mrs. Stanley Romans as acting director until a new director is hired.

Carole E. Banschbach, by finishing first in a written homemaking knowledge and attitude examination for senior girls December 6th, became Rising Sun High School’s 1967 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.

Mrs. Garnet Ricketts and Mrs. Ronald Deiss, widow and daughter of Lee J. Ricketts, presented a portrait of the late attorney to Judge Lester G. Baker last Saturday morning. The picture will be placed in the courtroom of the Ohio County Courthouse as a memorial to Mr. Ricketts. He served more than 29 years as Rising Sun attorney, under five mayors. He was also prosecuting attorney for Dearborn-Ohio counties, Ohio County attorney appeals agent for Selective Service, attorney Rising Sun Utilities, and legal counselor for the city’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Pee Wee) Curry are the parents of 6 pound 15 ounces daughter born Friday, January 20th at Dearborn County Hospital. She has been named Jodie Lyn; born to Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton (Delberta Scudder) a daughter Saturday, January 21st at Dearborn County Hospital. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and has been named Angela Rene’; born to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hinman, a daughter, January 15th.

At Christian’s Market: red potatoes, 10 pounds for 79 cents; canned vegetables, 10 cents a can; carrots, 2 pounds for 29 cents; Swiftning shortening, 3 lb. can for 69 cents.

With our boys in the service – Pvt. Walter E. Shannon is now stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for advanced individual training. He completed his basic training at Fort Knox.

Michael Cochran, 14-year-old freshman, served as a page at the Indiana State Senate for State Senator, Wilfred J. Ullrich January 18th. Also serving along with Michael was Thomas Cappel, 15-year-old freshman. After lunch, Senator Ullrich had several meetings to attend so Mick and Tom spent the rest of the afternoon touring the State Library, State Museum, and other sections of the state buildings.

Mrs. Sara Keith took a bus load of students and basketball players to Charlestown Saturday night. Although the team from Allensville School lost it was a good experience.


January 22nd, 1937

William Detmer has purchased the Woolly property on Mulberry Street. He is planning to completely remodel the building as a funeral home and residence.

Transformed from the Beautiful Ohio into a writhing serpentine monster of destruction by more than three weeks of almost continuous downpour all along the Ohio River Valley, the river maintained a steady rise of more than two inches an hour. A stage of 72 feet was reached about 10 this morning, January 22nd.

Practically all of Patriot was reported to be covered with water Thursday. More than a dozen families in Rising Sun have moved to higher ground.

Rising Sun was without electricity from early Thursday morning until night due to a landslide in Aurora which caused a tree to tear down power lines. The Recorder had no electricity and was forced to set type by the use of a lantern and flashlight.

One hundred officers and men from the local CCC Camp were ordered to Lawrenceburg Thursday to assist WPA workers and volunteers in handling the flood situation there.