Rising Sun Weekly 1-18-18



January 18th, 1968

Rising Sun High School will be the scene of the annual Homecoming basketball game Friday night as the Shiners take on the Dillsboro Bulldogs in a Conference game. The Homecoming Queen will be crowned between the reserve and varsity games. Candidates for the queen are: Senior, Miss Linda Whitlock; Junior, Miss Karen Brown; Sophomore, Miss JoAnn Grevenow; Freshmen, Miss Vicky Slack. Following the games, the Student Council will sponsor a dance. Music will be by the “Nightriders”.

A group of 35 representatives of the clubs and service organizations from Rising Sun and Ohio County Tuesday night agreed on a plan for the closing of the City dump. The Chamber of Commerce coordinated the meeting and agreed, through its President, Henry Pictor, to present the plan to the City Council and the County Commissioners. The cost of closing the old dump was estimated at $3,000. This may be substantially reduced. City wide garbage collection is a necessity. However, it was decided that people should not be forced to have their garbage hauled for them and that they should be allowed to haul their garbage themselves if they wish.

Pupils of Valley School located between Rising Sun and Aurora in 1913 were Charles Trester, Raymond Shutts, Dawson Gilbert, Loren Moore, Mahlon Moore, Ralph Jenkins, Dilver Cochran, Bolivar Kittle, Clayton Kittle, Ruth Busse, Mildred Shutts, Edith Cochran, Helen Benning, Hattie Thompson, Ruth Gilbert, Rachel Trester, Annabelle French, Emmett York, Rowena Jenkins, Dessie Humphrey, Thelma Passon, Florence Hilbert, Louise Fisk, Alma Kittle, Arda Humphrey, Marie York, Marie Stephens, Wymond Stephens, and Mahlon Fisk. Teacher was Harold Neal.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: Our community is saying “welcome” to two new residents: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rix have moved from Cleveland, Ohio. Actually, the Rixs are not total strangers in this locality. They are both Hoosiers by birth. He was born in Milan; she was born Lawrenceburg. For the past several years they have owned property on South High Street in Rising Sun where they have spent many weekends and holidays. However, before Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Rix came to stay in the home south of town which heretofore was owned by the Uhlmansieks, the Ted C. Browns, and the Alvin Birdzells. “Tuckahoe” is the name the owners selected for the property. And since they are very historical minded, the name is well founded. Tuckahoe, explains Mr. Rix, is a plant that grows in the swamps and shallow waters from Maine to Florida. It has large, arrow-shaped leaves and small flowers. The root stock is short sometimes six-inches in diameter and weighs five or six pounds. The raw stock is exceedingly poisonous. But dried and cooked, it is starchy and nutritious and was a common food for Indians along the East coast. The original “Tuckahoe” was an early plantation north of Richmond, Virginia owned by William Randolph. Being a descendant of the Randoph’s, and now living in Randolph Township, influenced the Rix’s to adopt the name for their property. The Rix’s belong to the Ohio County Historical Society and the Indiana State Historical Society.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Clark, a son January 6th at Dearborn County Hospital; to Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Baker, a daughter born Tuesday, January 9th at Dearborn County Hospital; to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weisickle, a daughter born January 11th at DCH.

Opening: The Downtowner Restaurant and Recreation will be open Friday, January 19th. The restaurant is equipped to serve short orders. Neal and Di extend a cordial welcome to you to visit this new location. Stop in after the game.


January 17th, 1963

John Roeder of Bright has been appointed as principal of Rising Sun High School.

Rev. Ned A. Meckstroth of Metropolis, Illinois will begin his pastorate in the Rising Sun United Church of Christ.


January 16th, 1958

Four doctors from Whitlatch Clinic, Milan, will move to a doctor’s building to be erected on Ludlow Hill, Lawrenceburg, near the new Dearborn County Hospital. They are: Doctors Hunter, Henry W. Conrad, Frank L. Frable, and Allen W. Aldred.

Robert Hamilton, and John Liggett of Rising Sun and Jack Farrar of Aurora formerly of Rising Sun, have arrived in New York City after serving in the Army in Germany for 2 1/2 years.

The Rising Sun High School Band will make its first appearance in smart new black and gray uniforms at the Shiner-Hanover basketball game, here, Friday night.


January 15th, 1948

According to figures prepared by the Indiana Economic Council, Indianapolis, Ohio County has an estimated population of 5,025.


January 14th, 1938

The Rising Sun Town Board met last Monday night and reappointed Lee J. Ricketts as Town attorney and Cal Ryle as Marshall.

The Rising Sun Fire Department at its regular meeting Thursday night, January 6th, selected Russell Uhlmansiek as fire chief and Lloyd Gibbs as Captain.

The following officers were elected at a meeting of the Citizen’s State Bank to serve for the year 1938: President, Ben Scranton; Vice president, Powell Dibble; Cashier, John Scott. Directors are John R. Woods, Charles Steuver, and Earl Danbury. Mr. Scranton and Mr. Dibble are also directors.


January 13th, 1928

Pleasant Ridge Church will soon be equipped with an electric light plant and a piano.


January 17th, 1918

Marshall Jones has taken charge of the Harris Brothers dairy and will deliver the milk daily to Rising Sun customers.

Ohio County Food Administrator J. L. Wessler has issued a bulletin on food prices. A loaf of wrapped bread retails for eight cents and sugar, nine cents per pound.

From 7 p.m. Friday, January 10th until 4 a.m. Saturday, the mercury dropped 42 degrees. Snow drifts from 10 to 25 feet deep practically blocked traffic. Everett Grace employed by the local bus line made one trip to Aurora with the mail and Bill Dilts and Lloyd Buchanan made a trip to Patriot taking two passengers from there to Aurora. On level ground the snow measures from 17-23 inches. For the first time in 25 years the Ohio River is frozen over from Pittsburgh to Cairo, a distance of 980 miles.