Rising Sun Weekly 1-11-18



January 11th, 1967

George Elliott retired as chairman of the Selective Service Board Local 116. He has been a devoted member for 17 years. Vincent Owen, a member of the board, replaced him as chairman and Rev. Howard Grevenow, minister of Bear Branch Lutheran Church, was appointed as a new member. Members of the board are: Harold Poellman, Ted Martin, Vincent Owen, Clyde Bright, Jr., and Rev. Grevenow.

January 3rd, Earl Ketenbrink volunteered for the draft from Ohio County and the February call for this board is one for induction and two for physicals.

The Rising Sun Shiners were defeated by the New Washington Mustangs Friday night 68-74 in the Jefferson County Invitational Tourney.

Ohio County National Farmers Organization met January 6th to elect officers for the coming year and to select commodity coordinators and supervisor, who will work finding out actual productions for price bargaining. The new county officers are: Kenneth Riddell, president; Larry Jackson, vice president; Rosemary Riddell, secretary; and Marshall Alford, Jr., treasurer.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: Mailing a letter for three cents became even more of a vague memory with the increase in postage rates. But we do not begrudge the postal employees higher wages to which they are certainly entitled. You wonder sometimes, though, why our postal system should be so cluttered with “junk” mail of all kinds. And of all the trash that is deposited in the mailbox, nothing irks me more than the so-called chain letters. Chain letters requesting money, etc. are illegal. However one received recently was supposed to be a “lucky prayer”. It was said to have begun in the Netherlands and had traveled around the world many times. Those who sent it to others would have immediate good fortune, while those who “broke the chain” would suffer tragic misfortunes. The recipient was asked to copy the letter and send it to 20 friends who needed good luck. Although I’m sure I have 20 friends who, no doubt, would say they could use some good luck, there’s just one thing I cannot comprehend. How can prayer be considered as luck? Prayer is defined as “a humble entreaty, as to God”.

Now Open – Dairy Maid Restaurant, 406 Main Street, Rising Sun. Breakfast, 6 a.m. daily; lunch, 11:30 a.m. daily; and supper, 5 p.m. daily. We are serving a full line of food seven days a week. We have homemade pies, homemade soup, char-broiled steaks, a variety of salads, sandwiches, plate lunches, sea food and excellent coffee.

Through the sponsorship of the Dearborn-Ohio County Chapter of the American Red Cross 47 “ditty bags” were made up by several different organizations and churches in Dearborn and Ohio Counties and sent overseas to military personnel for Christmas. The bags contained candy, nuts, washcloths, ball point pens, writing paper, playing cards, and many other items useful to men in service. The ditty bags were appreciated and their arrival in Vietnam certified by a letter which was received by the local chapter.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Parnell “Bud” Clark, a daughter weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces on December 27. She has been named Holly Ann.

At the Palace Theatre in Aurora will be Elvis Presley in “Clambake” Sunday and Monday.


January 10th, 1963

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Dale Green (Carolyn Galbreath), a son, Steven Dale, December 28th.

Mr. and Mrs. Thom D. Dunlavy, publishers of the Rising Sun Recorder and The Ohio County News have accepted an option toward the purchase of the newspaper from Mr. William D. Murray, Jr., Editor of The Lawrenceburg Press.

Miss Sandra Speier was crowned Rising Sun High School Homecoming Queen by Student Council President Wayne Miller, in ceremonies Friday evening at the Rising Sun/Jac-Cen-Del basketball game.


January 9th, 1958

State Trooper John Scudder has been assigned to this area and he and Mrs. Scudder and six year old daughter Susan are occupying the Clatus Elbright property on west Main Street.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Brown (Phyllis Ascherman) a son, David Lowell, December 30th.


January 7th, 1938

The Rising Sun Recorder today marks its 105th anniversary having its beginning in the year 1833.

Lucian Fletcher has purchased the restaurant owned by Charles Talbott and son John, who plan to take a trip to Florida.


January 6th, 1928

Karl Wessler, star center of the Rising Sun Exchange Club basketball team, has accepted a position with Fisher Body Company at Norwood, Ohio.

Efforts were being made Thursday afternoon to salvage Ezra Palmer’s auto which slid over the bank near the S. N. Riggs, Blacksmith Shop and landed in the ice-filled Ohio River.

Lester Steuver, who has been in the A&P Store here for some time has been transferred and is now manager of a store in Wilmington, Ohio.


January 11th, 1908

Rising Sun had a “Night Rider” scare Thursday night. A telephone message from Markland late in the evening stated that the Night Riders would pay Rising Sun a visit. A score of armed men guarded the tobacco warehouses all night but the street lights evidently frightened them and they didn’t appear.