Rising Sun rocks spark enthusiasm


Organizers of Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana (RORS) encourage all “rock hunters” to share a photo of their found treasures or newly created mini artworks on their Facebook page.

To make the process easier, “Like” the Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana Facebook page. If you are sharing a photo(s), add the ampersand symbol (@) and type in Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana. In most cases, Facebook may pull the site up on its own as more letters are typed in. Once the site is added to your post and message added, hit publish.

All published photos will go to the Visitors Posts area of the Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana page. Visitors photos can be found on the left of the RORS Facebook page wall. This allows RORS organizers and Facebook administrators to post new information on the wall for rock hunters that may be easily missed should large amounts of photographs added to the site.

Depending on the phone, posters may post only be able to submit one photo at a time while others can do multiples. A hash-tag will be appreciated! Adding #rockonrisingsun to your post will also allow anyone to click the link and see everything that posted about Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana.

Don’t forget that volunteer rock painters and hiders are always needed. Rising Sun resident and project developer Bonnie Carrigan, donations of acrylic paint, brushes, and clear sealer in a can would also be appreciated.

The RORS rock search is open to all–you need not be a resident of Rising Sun or Ohio County to participate either by hiding decorated rocks or finding them. Please re-hide or replace with your own creation. Also remember that rocks are to be hidden within the City of Rising Sun.

Rising Sun and Ohio County businesses/organizations are coming together to add a fun twist to the Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana (RORS) rock search. The activity is for youths and adults, and you need not be a resident of Rising Sun/Ohio County to participate. All rocks are hidden within the City of Rising Sun limits.

Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana is collecting information on local businesses and organizations that are participating in the “Rock on Rising Sun, Indiana” public rock search. If a rock displays “Winner”, it must be redeemed at the business/organization that has sponsored the rock.

Prize-winning rocks will not be hidden at the same time. In addition, participating businesses may have rocks hidden that are not winners. Individual/organizations will determine how long they wish to remain active in the contest and what prizes they are going to award. If a rock hunter is not interested in redeeming a prize winning rock, RORS organizers encourage the finder to re-hide it.

Among those businesses and organizations sponsoring winning rocks: Bear Branch Musicworks; Caudillio’s; Indiana Farm Insurance (Karla Burkhart); Jack’s Place; June’s Retreat; Mac’s Seaplane Service; MainSource Bank; Mike Mondary (Pendleton Art Center); Ohio County Historical Museum; Paddy Wagon’s; Rising Sun Church of Christ; Rising Sun Main Street; Rising Sun Police Department; Rising Sun Pool; Rising Sun Shell Station; and Visible Changes Hair Salon.

Sponsored by Rising Sun Main Street, a special rock hunt featuring a $50 gift certificate to the winner’s choice of downtown businesses will be held in the near future. An announcement will be made on the RORS Facebook page.