Rising Sun junior uses CPR training to save life


Rising Sun High School junior Aric Ward hopes to work as an EMT and firefighter after graduation and he has some on-hands experience he’ll never forget. Neither will the family of Angie Kelly.

On Thursday, April 14th he was visiting the owner of Little Farm on the River when he heard somebody yelling from the nearby Willow Trace Apartments.

“I heard Angie’s friend Nena yelling Angie! Angie! And I knew who it was because I’m best friend with her son. So I ran up and checked everything and started CPR (while a neighbor called 911),” he calmly remembers.

Ward had learned CPR in Mrs. Shelia Wilson’s eighth grade health class and went on to take additional lifesaving classes with the Ohio County Emergency Medical Service.

Life squad president Anthony Courter said Ward was the first to take the class which he hopes will continue to attract students.

His concern didn’t end that night. He has been to the hospital to visit. He went to lunch with Angie’s brothers Steve and Chris Kelly and her son Payton Lyon.

“They said they are treating me like one of the family now,” added Aric. “That makes me feel good.”

On Monday, April 18th, Ward was treated like a hero at school. His heroics were posted on the school’s Facebook page.

“I was just in the right place at the right time,” he said. “The family said they owe me. I’m telling them no. I’m just

doing what I was trained to do.”

He is the son of Michelle Ward and Matt Barnes.

Mom was among those commenting on Facebook of Aric’s quick response. “Mom and dad are beyond proud. We love you. You are an amazing young man. God works in mysterious ways and had you there for a reason. Amazing job Bud.”

After the long day of attention, it was off to work at Bob Evans Restauant in Aurora where he continues to serve others.