Rising Sun High School celebrates graduation, seniors earn awards


Rising Sun High School held graduation ceremonies on Sunday afternoon; with 60 seniors joining the ranks of the alumni.

Along with all of the pageantry of the day; many of the seniors also earned scholarships and other awards as the school year came to a close.

Those included:

– Rising Sun School Endowment Scholarships were awarded to Ben Eads, Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Carly Bowman, Cailin Bush, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Alix DeDreu, Erin Webb and Jamie Williams.

– Jamie Williams and Bailey Baker received the Ohio County Joint Community Scholarship established in 1959 by various civic organizations and presented by Archie Crouch, Sonja Jones, Dottie McKinley and Jennifer Mossburger.

– Six scholarships were presented from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation to: Jamie Williams, Haley Presley, Destiny Lowe, Alix DeDreu, Bailee Bostic, and Ben Eads. David Brown and Dennis Elliott made the presentation.

– Cass Union Scholarships were awarded to Ben Eads, Erin Webb, Whitney Chipman, Jamie Williams and Whitney McKay.

- National Honor Society members receiving their graduation hoods included: Ben Eads, Jamie Williams, Erin Webb, Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Bailee Bostic, Carly Bowman, Shane Chase, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Alix DeDreu, Mitch Jackson, Kristen Kolodzik, Ginny Philpot, Lily Ramsey, Emily Smeeks and Jake Uhlmansiek.

– Amanda Walton received a Technical Honors Diploma from guidance counselor Carrie Jones.

- Kevin See and Meghan Lamkin were the only Rising Sun High School students with perfect attendance in 2015.

– Whitney McKay and Caylin Mondary received the Rising Sun Alumni Scholarship from Connie Smith.

– Kristen Kolodzik received the Tri Kappa Sorority scholarship from Carrie Lozier.